Singapore and Indonesia enters into cross-border competition enforcement agreement

CCCS has entered into its first ever MOU on competition enforcement with Indonesia's KPPU on 30 Aug 18.

MAS issues Response to feedback on Parts 3 and 4 of consultation paper on changes to SFA, FAA and TCA

The paper proposed changes to enhance MAS’ supervisory powers and strengthen business conduct requirements for financial institutions regulated under these Acts.

Singapore and Chinese courts agree on reciprocal enforcement of commercial judgments

Under the MOG signed by both Supreme Courts, money judgments heard and obtained in Singapore could be brought before Chinese courts to be recognized and enforced, and vice versa.

MAS issues Guidelines on Liquidity Risk Management Practices for Fund Management Companies and revised CIS Code with changes for money market funds

FMCs have a transition period of six months to enhance their systems and set up processes for ongoing LRM and stress testing. 

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SGX issues consultation paper on proposed enhancements to default management capabilities of SGX-DC and CDP

The consultation closed on 16 Aug 2018. Subject to regulatory approval, SGX expects to implement the proposed amendments in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Journals Online: Law and legitimacy in the Supreme Court [Book review]

Richard H Fallon explores whether the SCOTUS Justices take their purely normative obligations seriously, or whether they are simply strategic political actors and legal realists.

CCCS issues Guidance Note for Airline Alliance Agreements

This Update provides a summary of the Guidance Note and highlights the differences from the draft guidance note.

NRIC and Data Protection

The PDPC will enforce the Guidelines from 1 Sep 2019. Organisations will have to take immediate steps to review its practices and make the necesssary changes.

SGX to launch new FX solution with innovative flexible features

SGX FlexC FX Futures, a new FX solution which will offer market participants the ability to trade customisable FX futures in an OTC manner, is targeted to be launched on 27 Aug.

Will you be a Master or Technician?

Masters apply principles rather than rules, and are issue-driven rather than process-driven. Technicians may be technically competent but apply rules without discerning the underlying principles.

Soft skills for success

Observing that soft skills are commonly disparaged and neglected by lawyers, Kiser makes the case that almost all successful professionals possess soft skills and that, contrary to popular belief, soft skills can be learnt.

SGX issues consultation paper on “Proposed Revision of the Financial and Capital Requirements on Bank and Remote Members”

The proposals in the Consultation Paper seek to take into account developments in the regulatory landscape and the levels of risk posed by members.

Disruptive legal technologies – is ethics catching up?

In the past few years, a growing field of literature is exploring the ethical ramifications of using one of Susskind’s disruptive legal technologies – online legal guidance systems.

MAS highlights FATF Guidance on Counter Proliferation Financing

The FATF Guidance which was published by the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) in February 2018 is available from the FATF website.

MAS revises insurance-related Notices and Guidelines to implement FAIR recommendation on additional disclosure requirements

The amendments to the relevant Notices and Guideline took effect on 2 July 2018.

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SIC consults on amendments to clarify application of take-over code to companies with dual class share structures

SIC consults on amendments to clarify application of take-over code to companies with dual class share structures

The Securities Industry Council is consulting on proposed amendments to the Singapore Code on Take-overs and Mergers to take into account the SGX's new listing framework. Consultation closes on 17 Aug 18.

MAS issues revised code of corporate governance

The revised Code was issued on 6 Aug 18, with SGX agreeing to amend the LR accordingly. This article highlights the key features of the revised Code.

SGX introduces framework for dual class share listings

Amendments to the Mainboard Rules took effect on 26 June 2018. This update takes a look at the key features of the Framework.

CCCS clears proposed acquisition between two steel players

CCCS had announced the clearance decision in April 2018 when it concluded that the Proposed Transaction, if carried into effect, would not lead to a substantial lessening of competition within the relevant markets in Singapore.
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