Get Real with Tax Compliance, SIATP, 26 Sep

The year 2018 can be characterised by a word - change. To support members and the tax community, SIATP and  IRAS bring an "excellence decoded" session on tax compliance.

Tags: Tax

STA Conference 2018: Trustees in The Fintech World, STA, 05 Oct (3.5 public CPD points)

This year’s Conference examines some of the key challenges trust companies need to consider and address as they endeavour to enact clear digital transformation strategies.

LES Singapore basic & intermediate licensing course 2018, IP Academy, 29-31 Oct (18 public CPD points)

The course covers aspects of the licensing of intellectual property – trademarks, copyright, patents and registered designs.

Cyber bullying and the Protection from Harassment Act Seminar - Critical Skills for Lawyers involved in Cyber Harassment Cases, SAL, 26 Oct (1 public CPD point)

Wong Li Tein and Carol Loi will share on the POHA's application in cyber safety, how to identify signs of cyber bullying in both adults and children, and how to manage the emotional upheavals that follow.

Tags: TMTTort

CLAS Criminal Law Training Programme 2018 - Session 31: Appeals, Law Soc, 25 Oct (1 public CPD point)

The criminal defender will understand the law and mechanics of appeals.

Seminar - IP Laws of Myanmar Protection and Enforcement of IP in Myanmar, SMU, 20 Nov

The seminar will discuss the relevant IP laws in Myanmar, including the Merchandize Marks Act, the Patents and Designs (Emergency Provisions) Act 1946 and the Copyright Act 1914, as well as case law and new draft IP laws.

Asian Maritime Law & Insurance Conference, MLAS, 24-25 Oct (12 public CPD points)

This conference brings together key players and well-known names from the marine insurance and legal market. The panelists will discuss key issues of concern to the industry.

Tags: Shipping

Parallel imports and intellectual property rights In Singapore, NUS, 16 Oct

While Singapore is generally pro-parallel imports, there is a balance between competing interests of the right owner, consumers, competition and marketplace. The balance for each IP regime is different.

The Construction of Contractual Terms in Singapore: Implication, Interpretation and Rectification - Principles and Updates, SMU, 16 Nov (3 public CPD points)

This seminar aims to provide an overall of the applicable principles on the construction of contractual terms in Singapore through a consolidation of the relevant law, as well as the latest updates, current to 2018. 

Artificial Intelligence: Regulation, Liability and Insurance, SMU, 08 Nov (3 public CPD points)

Leigh-Ann Mulcahy QC and Simon Goh from Rajah & Tann will discuss these issues and how they will or may evolve in Singapore.

Tags: TMT

Current Issues in the Administration of Criminal Justice - A Defence Counsel Perspective, SMU, 05 Oct (2.5 public CPD points)

This seminar will consider recent and proposed reforms to substantive and procedural criminal laws, including the Penal Code and the Prevention of Corruption Act.

30th Singapore Law Review Annual Lecture: The Obsolescent Judge, SLR, 16 Oct (1 public CPD points)

Aedit Abdullah J will focus on “The Obsolescent Judge”, canvassing the contemporary transformations in Singapore’s landscape and their impact on the role of Judges.

CML Short Course: Pitfalls In Freight Forwarding: The Contractual Framework, Multimodality And Mandatory Laws, NUS, 16 Oct (5.5 public CPD points)

This workshop aims to place the shipping and freight forwarding contracts in their commercial context and explains the resulting legal requirements for the execution of the shipping and insurance arrangements.

Tags: Shipping

Singapore Shipping Law Forum 2018: 'Singapore As A Forum For Resolving Shipping Disputes', NUS, 03 Oct (1 public CPD point)

This lecture explores the extent arbitration, litigation and mediation been honed to make Singapore a conducive and appropriate forum to support the maritime industry in Singapore.

Tags: Shipping

Corporate Governance Workshop 3: Charity Law 101, SIAS, 27 Sep (2 public CPD points)

Working as a charity lawyer is varied and challenging. What types of legal structure do charities have to take note? What constitutes as a conflict of interest in such organisations?

Resolving Disputes in Infrastructure PPP Projects with Minimal Cost & Delay, SIMC, 15 Oct

This seminar explores the available mechanisms under the ADB's Infrastructure Referee Programme, where parties in a PPP infrastructure project may obtain funding support and technical assistance for dispute prevention and resolution.

Code of Corporate Governance 2018 and Consequential Revisions to the Listing Rules, WongPartnership, 09 Oct (2 public CPD points)

WongP's Corporate Governance and Compliance partners will take you through the 2018 Code and Practice Guidance, the changes to the Listing Rules, and discuss the implications for SGX-listed companies.

The Annual National Medico-Legal Seminar 2018, SMA, 06-07 Oct (7.5 CPD points)

Day 1 will cover end-of-life issues, including AMDs and the MCA. Day 2 will cover ethical and legal issues relating to organ transplants.

BOOK: Cases, Materials and Commentary on Singapore Intellectual Property Law, David Llewelyn, Ng Hui Ming and Nicole Oh Xuan Yuan, Academy Publishing

The authors trace and explain the development and current state of intellectual property law in Singapore and offer a comprehensive summary of the courts’ approach.

3rd Regional Law Firm Management Forum 2018, ALPMA, 19 Oct

Law Firms: Prepare to Manage, Prepare to Lead. Local and international speakers deliver practical insights to help firms prepare for their futures.

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