[CHN] China amends its individual income tax law

This Update sets out a short summary of the key differences between the 2011 IITL and the 2018 IITL.

Journals Online: Redefining drug offences in Southeast Asia

This article puts forward an alternative to handling the drug problem, which would satisfy constituencies demanding the retention of high deterrence policies, yet avoid many of their costly side effects.

The “Singapore Convention”: The way forward in international mediation?

The “Singapore Convention”: The way forward in international mediation?

Settlements reached through mediation could be enforceable internationally should the Singapore Convention come into force. In this alert we analyse its key aspects of the draft and its current status.

[GBR] UK Supreme Court excludes Wrotham Park damages for breaches of non-compete agreements

In Morris-Garner & Anor v One Step (Support) Ltd [2018] UKSC 20, the UKSC laid down several seminal holdings on the availability and applicability of Wrotham Park damages.

Journals Online: Singapore Academy of Law Annual Lecture 2017 – “Lawyers and the Public Interest: Is There Still Honour in the Profession?” [Lecture]

The proper context of honour in the law can only be serving the public interest, the very rationale for law itself.
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