27 April 2017
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24 March 2017

23 March 2017



imageTax amnesty: Indonesians repatriate $8.8b from Singapore
imageCouple ordered to reinstate original balcony fixtures
imageRosewood case: Boss convicted after 2 acquittals
imageRapist's jail term cut on appeal
imageMan duped former schoolmate in 'branded items' scam
imageUber-owned firm takes supplier to court
imageTycoon loses case over works done outside condo unit
imageSGX files complaint in China for first time against an S-chip boss
imageFor hawkers to go cashless, tax is food for thought
imageADV: myLawyer free for 3 months!
imageADV: Centre for Asian Legal Studies, NUS - Research Associate/Associate Editor
imageADV: myLawyer free for 3 months!
imageImproving workplace health and safety requires collaboration
imageJailed for stealing 80 tins of milk powder
imageAllen & Gledhill launches fintech practice
image143 volunteers ready to help young suspects
imageUber driver fined $7k for causing pedestrian's death
imageDetails of ex-worker given on WhatsApp; firm warned
imageOutrageous to say that Amos Yee was persecuted: Forum
imageOffer to delist Top Global as QC penalties loom
imageEzion acquiring Swissco's JV stakes, assets for more than US$60m
imageFew set up trust fund to care for kin with disabilities
imageDriver who clocked 219kmh pleads guilty
imageOwners left adrift after pre-owned yacht lost power
image‘Smart’ law firms lauded for adopting tech solutions
imageLaw society disagrees with findings of US judge: Forum
imageThird man in IPPT ruse jailed
imageHelp for law firms to become tech-ready
imageCMA CGM strengthens presence in S'pore with more berths
imageBunching up of AGMs in April getting worse, says report
imageCouple jailed, fined for starving maid, who lost 20kg
imageMaximum $10k fine, 5-year ban for causing pedestrian's death



imageSingapore parliament passes key legislation to support businesses and regulatory regime image
imageWill the Singapore Court Assist in CrossBorder Schemes of Arrangement? image
imageSingapore Court of Appeal affirms implied right to agent commission and limits to the defence of qualified privilege in defamation claims image
imageIntellectual Property Case Updates - Malaysia image
imageRevisions to Companies Act (Cap.50) of Singapore – New requirements with effect from 31 March 2017 image
imageHave the Singapore Courts faltered in the enforcement of Arbitration agreements? image
imageNew Cybersecurity Laws Introduced in Parliament image
imageContract and Good Faith: An idea gaining ground? image
imageSGX Proposes Changes to Equities Market Structure to Facilitate Greater Retail Participation image
imageThe adoption of institutional arbitration rules and their effect on the right to appeal in domestic arbitrations image
imageThe Singapore Court of Appeal clarifies that privilege extends to pre-2012 in-house counsel communications image
imageSingapore's value proposition continues to woo Single Family Offices image
imageEnhancing transparency, facilitating business and positioning for growth image
imageAdditional conveyance duties on residential property-holding entities and other stamp duty changes with effect from 11 Mar 2017 image
imageThe scope of police power to seize property image



imageWee Shuo Woon v HT S.R.L. - [2017] SGCA 23 image
imageAntariksa Logistics Pte Ltd and others v Nurdian Cuaca and others - [2017] SGHC 60 image
imageRotary Engineering Ltd and others v Kiuomji & Eslim Law Firm and another and another appeal and other matters - [2017] SGCA 24 image
imageTelecom Credit Inc v Star Commerce Pte Ltd - [2017] SGHCR 03 image
imageChang Kar Meng v Public Prosecutor - [2017] SGCA 22 image
imageMillennium Commodity Trading Ltd v BS Tech Pte Ltd - [2017] SGHC 58 image
imageTT International Limited v Ho Lee Construction Private Limited - [2017] SGHC 62 image
imageBLY v BLZ & Another - [2017] SGHC 59 image
imageHapsuwan Sakon v CT Civil Construction Pte Ltd and another - [2017] SGHC 63 image
imageTZG v TZH - [2017] SGHCF 09 image
imageExecutive Coach International Pte Ltd - [2017] SGPDPC 03 image
imageOchroid Trading Ltd and another v Chua Siok Lui (trading as VIE Import & Export) and another - [2017] SGHC 56 image
imageTYU v TYV - [2017] SGHCF 08 image
imageACB v Thomson Medical Pte Ltd and others - [2017] SGCA 20 image
imageTurf Club Auto Emporium Pte Ltd and others v Yeo Boong Hua and others and another appeal and other matters - [2017] SGCA 21 image



imageFinancial Advisers Act - Financial Advisers (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 113 of 2017)
imageStreet Works Act - Street Works (Works on Public Streets) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 114 of 2017)
imageCompanies (Amendment) Act 2017 - Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 115 of 2017)
imageCompanies Act - Companies (Register of Controllers and Nominee Directors) Regulations 2017 (S 116 of 2017)
imageCompanies Act - Companies (Filing of Documents) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 117 of 2017)
imageAccountants Act - Accountants (Public Accountants) (Amendment) Rules 2017 (S 118 of 2017)
imageLimited Liability Partnerships (Amendment) Act 2017 - Limited Liability Partnerships (Amendment) Act 2017 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 119 of 2017)
imageLimited Liability Partnerships Act - Limited Liability Partnerships (Register of Controllers) Regulations 2017 (S 120 of 2017)
imageLimited Liability Partnerships Act - Limited Liability Partnerships (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 121 of 2017)
imageTrustees (Amendment) Act 2017 - Trustees (Amendment) Act 2017 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 122 of 2017)
imageTrustees (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 14 of 2017)
imageCompanies (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 15 of 2017)
imageLimited Liability Partnerships (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 18 of 2017)
imageConstitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment) Act 2016 - Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment) Act 2016 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 123 of 2017)
imagePresidential Elections (Amendment) Act 2017 - Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act 2017 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 124 of 2017)
imageAllied Health Professions Act - Allied Health Professions (Registration and Practising Certificates) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 112 of 2017)
imageEnvironmental Public Health Act - Environmental Public Health (Public Cleansing) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 111 of 2017)
imagePrivate Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act - Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 110 of 2017)
imageForeign Employee Dormitories Act 2015 - Foreign Employee Dormitories (Appeals) Regulations 2017 (S 108 of 2017)
imageRoad Traffic Act - Road Traffic (TUM CREATE Electric Three-Wheeled Motor Cycle Trial) (Exemption) Order 2017 (S 109 of 2017)
imageIncome Tax Act - Income Tax (Exemption of Foreign Income) (No. 2) Order 2017 (S 107 of 2017)
imageIncome Tax Act - Income Tax (Exemption of Income of Prescribed Persons Arising from Funds Managed by Fund Manager in Singapore) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 106 of 2017)
imageEmployment Claims Act 2016 - Employment Claims Rules 2017 (S 104 of 2017)
imageSupreme Court of Judicature Act - Rules of Court (Amendment) Rules 2017 (S 105 of 2017)
imageEmployment Claims Act 2016 - Employment Claims Act 2016 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 103 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 13) Notification 2017 (S 101 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 14) Notification 2017 (S 102 of 2017)

Continuing Legal Education


imageThe WTO and International Investment Law: Converging Systems, NUS, 04 Apr
imageProtecting Low-Wage Foreign Workers in Singapore From Bait-and-switch Contracts, Justice Without Borders, 06 Apr (1 public CPD point) image
imageAPAA Singapore Group Lecture 2017, Asian Patent Attorneys Association, 06 Apr (4 public CPD points) image
imageThe New Judge-Led Approach in Family Justice Proceedings: Reflections on its Implications and Complications, SMU, 26 Apr (3 public CPD points)image
imageStrategic Conflict Management for Professionals Module 1, SMC, 24-25 Apr (12 public CPD points)image
imageCLAS Criminal Law Training Programme 2017 Module 14: Evidence and Objections, Law Soc, 20 Apr (1 public CPD point)image
imageChoice of law for contracts: the Hague Principles from a Singaporean and Asian perspective, SMU, 18 May (1.5 public CPD points)image
imageFrom Corporate Counsel to Corporate Leader, SCCA, 26 Apr
imageBusiness Valuation Disputes, MDD Forensic Accountants, 25 Apr (1 public CPD point) image
imageNEWSLETTER: SICC News Iss No 4, Feb 2017
imageResponses and Reactions of Host States to Investment Treaty Law: Some Empirical Observations, NUS, 6-Apr image