27 March 2017
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27 March 2017

24 March 2017

23 March 2017

22 March 2017

21 March 2017

20 March 2017



imageMan cleared of drug use, reasonable doubt raised
imageArbitration pioneer Alvin Yeo offers tip to young lawyers
imageCustomer sues over tampered mileage
imageLamborghini scion taking legal action against S'pore club
imageADV: Centre for Asian Legal Studies, NUS - Research Associate/Associate Editor
imageNot breach of contract but unlicensed lending, says judge
imageCompetition watchdog okays Japanese shipping lines' JV
imageKL court says it can't interfere in S'pore case
imageSenior Counsel Alvin Yeo wins international award
imageVessel captain charged in HK court over Terrex shipment
imageWhat are tax avoidance and tax evasion?
imageCar buyers left in the lurch by parallel importer Royal Automotive
imageNeptune Court committee must repay estate fund
imageWoman jailed for selling fake MCs to drug addicts
imageLeonie Towers case: Condo owners want to take cooling towers spat to court
imageSingapore to attract more global funds
imageSGX, stockbroking body set out guidelines on TR advice
imageA creative way of selling homes that is testing tax boundaries?
imageSID launches last set of CG Guides series
imageWanted: Feedback on new framework for investment funds
imageMaid abuser's appeal fails, judge raises jail term from 14 to 16 months instead
imageStart-up makes case for a knowledge bank
imagePro-bono help over the phone
imageMastermind to serve life sentence after appeal fails
imageExercising restraint in the use of restraints
imageIVF mix-up: Woman entitled to compensation, court rules
imageMindset change needed for legal tech scene to take off
imageEx-trader in spoofing case gets 16 weeks' jail
imageVeteran criminal lawyer struck off the roll
imageCCS uncovers 5 firms involved in F1 tender bid-rigging
imageDiscipline needed when applying to delay AGMs
imageADV: Enter the STEP Private Client Awards 2017/18
imageADV: Transform your legal department in 6 months
imageWhat has happened since the accident
imageNext financial crisis may be triggered by a cyberattack, says MAS chief
imagePerennial appeals against High Court decision related to Capitol project
imageHelping S'pore SMEs stay agile in the digital economy
imageMastermind in IPPT cheating scheme jailed for 18 months
imageJailed 10 years, caned for robbing, stabbing woman 16 years ago
image23 1/2 years' jail for man who sexually abused daughter
imageRow over power supply: Three years' jail for slashing landlord
imageADV: Enter the STEP Private Client Awards 2017-18
imageEzra calls for trading suspension in S'pore
imageHelping to address under-reporting of sex crimes
imageTanglin Club members reject move to redevelop clubhouse
imageGreater public-private partnership needed in tackling trade in illicit goods
imageHelp for motorists to assess blame in accidents
imageInterior design trade bodies act to lift standards
imageEzra bites bullet, files Chapter 11 protection with US court
imageMore targeted help on the way for jobless PMETs
imageState Courts Towers construction in full swing
imageHUDC era ends with privatisation of Braddell View
imageLawyers on disposal of common property
imageUnwise to base sentencing on ‘ground sensitivity’: AGC: Voices



imageSGX Proposes Changes to Equities Market Structure to Facilitate Greater Retail Participation image
imageThe adoption of institutional arbitration rules and their effect on the right to appeal in domestic arbitrations image
imageThe Singapore Court of Appeal clarifies that privilege extends to pre-2012 in-house counsel communications image
imageSingapore's value proposition continues to woo Single Family Offices image
imageEnhancing transparency, facilitating business and positioning for growth image
imageAdditional conveyance duties on residential property-holding entities and other stamp duty changes with effect from 11 Mar 2017 image
imageThe scope of police power to seize property image
imageUniversal succession in Singapore – getting the recognition it deserves image
imageYap Son On v Ding Pei Zhen clarified Contractual Interpretation but left questions about Extrinsic Evidence and the Starting Points for Interpretation image
imageStrata titles board holds that it cannot interfere with decisions made in compliance with procedural requirements and where parties vote in favor of their own commercial position image
imageSingapore Court: Arbitration clause designating wrong institution incapable of being performed image
imageIn brief: Insurance, Companies, Insolvency image
imageNew stamp duties on shares transfer – Acquisition and disposal of equity interests in residential property holding entities image



imageExecutive Coach International Pte Ltd - [2017] SGPDPC 03 image
imageOchroid Trading Ltd and another v Chua Siok Lui (trading as VIE Import & Export) and another - [2017] SGHC 56 image
imageTYU v TYV - [2017] SGHCF 08 image
imageACB v Thomson Medical Pte Ltd and others - [2017] SGCA 20 image
imageTurf Club Auto Emporium Pte Ltd and others v Yeo Boong Hua and others and another appeal and other matters - [2017] SGCA 21 image
imageTYS v TYT - [2017] SGHCF 07 image
imageVinod Kumar Ramgopal Didwania v Hauslab Design & Build Pte Ltd - [2017] SGCA 19 image



imageForeign Employee Dormitories Act 2015 - Foreign Employee Dormitories (Appeals) Regulations 2017 (S 108 of 2017)
imageRoad Traffic Act - Road Traffic (TUM CREATE Electric Three-Wheeled Motor Cycle Trial) (Exemption) Order 2017 (S 109 of 2017)
imageIncome Tax Act - Income Tax (Exemption of Foreign Income) (No. 2) Order 2017 (S 107 of 2017)
imageIncome Tax Act - Income Tax (Exemption of Income of Prescribed Persons Arising from Funds Managed by Fund Manager in Singapore) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 106 of 2017)
imageEmployment Claims Act 2016 - Employment Claims Rules 2017 (S 104 of 2017)
imageSupreme Court of Judicature Act - Rules of Court (Amendment) Rules 2017 (S 105 of 2017)
imageEmployment Claims Act 2016 - Employment Claims Act 2016 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 103 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 13) Notification 2017 (S 101 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 14) Notification 2017 (S 102 of 2017)
imageConstitution of the Republic of Singapore - Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Responsibility of the Minister for Manpower) (No. 2) (Amendment) Notification 2017 (S 99 of 2017)
imageStamp Duties Act - Stamp Duties (Section 23) Order 2017 (S 100 of 2017)
imageRoad Traffic (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 14 of 2017)
imageStamp Duties (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 15 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 12) Notification 2017 (S 98 of 2017)
imagePlanning (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 10 of 2017)
imageParks and Trees (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 11 of 2017)
imageSupply Act 2017 (Act 12 of 2017)
imageSupplementary Supply (FY 2016) Act 2017 (Act 13 of 2017)
imagePresidential Elections (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 9 of 2017)

Continuing Legal Education


imageBusiness Valuation Disputes, MDD Forensic Accountants, 25 Apr (1 public CPD point) image
imageNEWSLETTER: SICC News Iss No 4, Feb 2017
imageResponses and Reactions of Host States to Investment Treaty Law: Some Empirical Observations, NUS, 6-Apr image
imageAccelerated Route To Fellowship, CIArb, 25 - 26 Apr (12 public CPD points)image
imageInternational Entry Course 2017, SiARB, 21, 22, 24 April (up to 11.5 public CPD points)image
imageIPOS Practice Package for IP Professionals, IP Academy, 20 Apr (2.5 public CPD points)image
imageWorkshop: Ocean Governance and International Shipping, NUS, 21 Apr