29 May 2017
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15 MAY 2017



imageNUS, NTU hit by cyber-attacks aimed at govt and research data
imageMinistry proposes changes to GST law
image3 bands for sentencing rapists spelt out
imageToby Landau becomes first Queen's Counsel to be admitted to the Singapore Bar
imageSingapore can help finance projects, says Lawrence Wong
imageNo ABSD on $6.6m unit for charity: Court
imageSingapore latest target of ever-growing cyber threat
imageShipping firm involved in North Korea dealings gets reduced fine of S$100,000
imageNew cap on tenants for private homes
imageCourt adopts new legal test to determine if doctor was negligent
imageADV: SAL - Programme Manager for Legal Technology Vision



imageSGX raises pro-rata renounceable rights issue limit pursuant to general mandate from 50% to 100% of share capital image
imageEmployer Found Liable for Breach of PDPA Through WhatsApp Chat image
imageIP in the Cloud: the South-East Asia Perspective image



imageNg Kean Meng Terence v Public Prosecutor - [2017] SGCA 37 image
imageHii Chii Kok v Ooi Peng Jin London Lucien and another - [2017] SGCA 38 image



imageMediation Act 2017 (Act 1 of 2017)
imageChild Development Co-Savings Act - Child Development Co-Savings (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 226 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 18) Notification 2017 (S 227 of 2017)
imageMedicines Act - Medicines (Export Licence for Psychotropic Substances) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 228 of 2017)
imagePlanning (Amendment) Act 2017 - Planning (Amendment) Act 2017 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 229 of 2017)
imagePlanning Act - Planning (Housing and Development Board Flats Authorisation) Notification 2017 (S 230 of 2017)
imagePlanning Act - Planning (Development of Land Authorisation for Last Approved Use) Notification 2017 (S 231 of 2017)
imagePlanning Act - Planning (Deferment of Payment of Development Charge by Charities) Rules 2017 (S 232 of 2017)
imagePlanning Act - Planning (Qualified Persons) Rules 2017 (S 233 of 2017)
imagePlanning Act - Planning (Development of Land Authorisation for Applicable State Property) (Amendment) Notification 2017 (S 234 of 2017)
imageIncome Tax Act - Income Tax (Concessionary Rate of Tax for Global Trading Companies) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 235 of 2017)
imageIncome Tax Act - Income Tax (Concessionary Rate of Tax for Approved Qualifying Companies) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 236 of 2017)

Continuing Legal Education


imageLegal Professional Privilege and its Relevance in the Construction Industry, SCL, 11 Jul (1.5 CPD points)image