21 September 2017
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24 August 2017



imageEx-cop jailed for sharing photos of riot suspects for cash
imageSenior Counsel's second son faces NS-related charges
image1 in 6 sex cases Aware handles is tech-linked
imageRetired stockbroker sues Credit Suisse for $35m loss
imageMoonlighting or not? 'Social carpooling' still a grey area
imageRegional bourses may soon be pressured to adopt dual-class shares
imageExtra jail time for those exempted from caning, only if justified: High Court
imageFirm's culture helps her cope with workload
imageHelp lawyers to cope with work stress: CJ Menon
imageReformative training for abetting rape
imageRickmers completes winding up, bonds to be delisted
imageStrapped for cash, stripped of dignity
imageIpos, Deloitte to help 100 firms grow intellectual assets and go global
imageSGX Regco needs backing from better enforcement
imageSenior lawyers to provide a listening ear to juniors
imageOverall crime dip but rise in online scams, molestations
imageSTB gets feedback on Travel Agents Act changes
imageSentence reduced; pair to be fined and deported
imageComing for lawyers soon: digital disruption
imageSecond agency merger in two months fans talk of further consolidation
imageSept 23 will be polling day if enough candidates for a contest
imageMake reasons for decision on eligibility of candidates public: Analysts
imageJudge ups sentence of negligent driver involved in fatal accident
imageNew rules shine spotlight on woes of management by ‘mini-MCSTs’
imageFrustrated elderly concert-goer makes false bomb threat during security check
imageDeported Singaporean granted UK visa to return to family
imageReference checks: All that you need to know
imageAirbnb offers concessions to get home-sharing rules relaxed
imageAnalysts upbeat on possible tie-up between Comfort and Uber
imageLawyer M. Ravi offered bail
imageCampaign on Facebook raises $25k for legal fees
imageMove to streamline insolvency framework
imageIncome tax, GST take taxman's haul to new peak of S$47b
imageAcquitted S'pore boat captain stuck in Indonesia
imageBid to get complaints against SC reheard fails
imageCourt awards $12m with 'uplift' on bill for consultancy
imageBuilding owners vow to replace substandard cladding
imageFather’s death by chokehold: Prosecution to appeal against rare move by judge to convict son on reduced charges
imageSIC rules in favour of UOL on certain trades by UOBAM
imageCheng Bock accepts Court of Appeal verdict with a 'heavy heart'
imageUAE jails 2 S'porean men for wearing women's clothes
imageApex court dismisses Tan Cheng Bock's appeal
imageAsean needs a new priority cluster of e-services for integration boost



imageSingapore Court of Appeal five-judge panel lays down general rule that punitive damages cannot be awarded for breach of contract: PH Hydraulics & Engineering Pte Ltd v Airtrust (Hong Kong) Ltd and another appeal [2017] SGCA 26 image
imageVirtual Currencies: More than just a (digital) token? image
imageMCI and CSA consult on proposed Cybersecurity Bill image
imageSHC: High Court Sets Aside Arbitral Award image
imageChanges to employee benefits under Child Development Co-Savings Act and Retirement and Re-employment Act effective 1 July 2017 image
imageComments on the Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Amendment) Bill (Bill no. 29/2017) image
imageSingapore Court of Appeal clarifies doctrine of forum election and includes possibility of transfer to SICC in the analysis of forum non conveniens: Rappo, Tania v Accent Delight International Ltd & Anor and another appeal [2017] SGCA 27 image
imageCross Border M&A Index image
imagePublic consultation for proposed amendments to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act image



imageLeong Chee Kin (on behalf of himself and as a minority shareholder of Ideal Design Studio Pte Ltd) v Ideal Design Studio Pte Ltd and others - [2017] SGHC 192 image
imageMWA Capital Pte Ltd v Ivy Lee Realty Pte Ltd (in liquidation) - [2017] SGHC 216 image
imagePublic Prosecutor v Adri Anton Kalangie - [2017] SGHC 217 image
imagePoh Fu Tek and others v Lee Shung Guan and others - [2017] SGHC 212 image
imageSK Engineering & Construction Co Ltd v Conchubar Aromatics Ltd and another appeal [2017] SGCA 51 image
imageTSH and another v TSE and another and another appeal and another suit - [2017] SGHCF 21 image
imageAmin bin Abdullah v Public Prosecutor - [2017] SGHC 215 image
imageBGC Partners (Singapore) Limited v Kevin Tan Wee Hiong - [2017] SGHC 214 image
imageGulf Hibiscus Ltd v Rex International Holding Ltd and another - [2017] SGHC 210 image
imageNg Djoni v Miranda Joseph Jude - [2017] SGHCR 13 image
imagePublic Prosecutor v Ong Chee Heng - [2017] SGHC 213 image
imageHSBC Bank (Singapore) Ltd v Shi Yuzhi - [2017] SGHC 211 image
imageNalpon Zero Geraldo Mario v Law Society of Singapore - [2017] SGHC 206 image



imageConstitution of the Republic of Singapore - Public Service (Personnel Boards and Appeals Board) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 478 of 2017
imageConstitution of the Republic of Singapore - Public Service (Special and Senior Personnel Boards) (Amendment No. 5) Order 2017 (S 479 of 2017)
imageEnvironmental Protection and Management Act - Environmental Protection and Management (Vehicular Emissions) (Amendment No. 3) Regulations 2017 (S 480 of 2017)
imageMonetary Authority of Singapore Act - Monetary Authority of Singapore (Sanctions and Freezing of Assets of Persons — Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 481 of 2017)
imageCo-operative Societies Act - Co-operative Societies (Exemption under Section 97) (No. 2) Order 2017 (S 482 of 2017)
imageIncome Tax Act - Income Tax (Exemption of Foreign Income) (No. 9) Order 2017 (S 483 of 2017)
imageTerrorism (Suppression of Misuse of Radioactive Material) Act 2017 - Terrorism (Suppression of Misuse of Radioactive Material) Act 2017 (Commencement) Notification 2017 (S 484 of 2017)
imageTerrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act - Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act (Amendment of Second Schedule) Order 2017 (S 485 of 2017)
imageCorruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act - Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act (Amendment of Second Schedule) (No. 2) Order 2017 (S 486 of 2017)
imageExtradition Act - Extradition (International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism) Notification 2017 (S 487 of 2017)
imageExtradition Act - Extradition Act (Amendment of First Schedule) Notification 2017 (S 488 of 2017)
imageMutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act - Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act (Amendment of Second Schedule) Notification 2017 (S 489 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 40) Notification 2017 (S 490 of 2017)
imageNewspaper and Printing Presses Act - Newspaper and Printing Presses (Exemption from Part III of Act) (Amendment No. 3) Order 2017 (S 477 of 2017)
imageMaritime and Port Authority of Singapore Act - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Scale of Dues, Rates and General Fees) (Amendment No. 2) Notification 2017 (S 474 of 2017)
imageRequisition of Resources Act - Requisition of Resources (No. 4) Order 2017 (S 475 of 2017)
imageIntoxicating Substances Act - Intoxicating Substances (Approved Centres) Notification 2017 (S 476 of 2017)
imageAdministration of Muslim Law (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act 33 of 2017)
imagePublic Transport Council Act - Public Transport Council Act (Amendment of Third Schedule) Order 2017 (S 473 of 2017)
imageHousing and Development Act - Housing and Development (Precincts for Upgrading Works) (Home Improvement Programme) (No. 7) Order 2017 (S 471 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 39) Notification 2017 (S 472 of 2017)

Continuing Legal Education


imageRisk, Uncertainty and Complexity: Overcoming these barriers for Cross-Border Transactions, SCCA, 13 Sep
imageThe Fundamentals of International Legal Business Practice, LawSoc, 14 Sep (6 public CPD points) image
imageHandling Financial Experts in Court, LawSoc, 16-23 Sep (17 public CPD points) image
imageGlobal Corporate Governance Conference: “Purpose, Values & Culture – How Does it Drive Governance?", Securities Investors Association (Singapore), 18 Sep (3 public CPD points)image
imageIntermediate/Advanced Parenting Coordination Training Programme, LawSoc, 18-20 Sep (18 public CPD points) imageimage
imageAll Things China, SCCA, 25 Oct
imageA Practical Guide to Third Party Funding, SAL, 13 Sep (1.5 public CPD points) image
imageIP Dispute Resolution in the U.S., IP Academy, 19 Oct (3 public CPD points)image
imageDesign Law Reform Conference, NUS, 19-20 Sep (10 public CPD points)image
imageRegional cooperation in the Mediterranean Sea: Lessons for the South China Sea?, NUS, 30 Aug imageimage
imageBOOK: International Intellectual Property and the Asean Way: Pathways to Interoperability imageimage
imageBOOK: The Commercial Appropriation of Fame imageimage
imageEntrepreneurship And Innovation - Brands' Opportunities In Today's Economy, SMU, 27 Sep (2.5 public CPD points)image
imageeLitigation Cause Book Search (CBS) Training, SAL, 08 Sep (3 public CPD points) imageimage