24 November 2017
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13 SEP 2017



imageRecent developments in the regulation of initial coin offerings image
imageA tale of two cooling towers image



imageThe “Dream Star” - [2017] SGHC 220 image



imageBuilding Control Act - Building Control (Inspection of Buildings) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S 508 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 41) Notification 2017 (S 509 of 2017)
imageCommon Gaming Houses Act - Common Gaming Houses (Exemption) (No. 42) Notification 2017 (S 510 of 2017)

Continuing Legal Education


imageInternational Conference on Global Currents in International Investment Law, NUS, 02 Nov (5 public CPD points)image
imageData Protection Roundtable & Dialogue Session with PDPC, SCCA, 19 Sep
imageMaking the Switch to Paperless: How to make it Happen, Law Soc, 26 Sep (1.5 public CPD points) image
imageThe Reality of Cybercrimes for Local & Regional Enterprises, Insurance Law Association, Singapore, 27 Sep (1 public CPD point) image
imageParticipate in Dispute Resolution: Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1), SMC, 28-29 Sep (11.5 CPD points)image
imageLecture - Challenges For IP Protection In Thailand: Is A Specialized IP Jurisdiction Needed?, SMU, 05 Oct (1.5 public CPD points)image
image"Accelerated Receipt, A ‘Risky’ Business” by Iain Potter, CIArb, 04 Oct (1 public CPD point) imageimage
imageAccelerated Route towards Fellowship (ARF), CIArb, 10-11 Oct (12 public CPD points) imageimage
imageDivision of Matrimonial Assets: Current Law and Possible Reform, Law Soc, 10 Oct (1.5 public CPD points)image
image24th World Forum of Mediation Centres, SMC, 13-14 Oct (10.5 public CPD points)image
imageThe Annual National MedicoLegal Seminar 2017, Singapore Medical Association, 14-15 Oct (8 public CPD points)image
imageLES Basic Licensing Course 2017, IP Academy, 16-17 Oct (12 public CPD points)image
imageVirtual Currencies: New Assets in the Digital Age?, SCCA, 25 Sep