20 January 2018
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Divorce has big impact on teens: Forum

Straits Times
20 Dec 2017

The family justice system should not grant divorces easily but, rather, encourage reconciliation (Better to focus on reconciliation, healing in family courts, by Mr Fabian Ng Yuan Sheng; Nov 15).

I had noticed a close friend of mine struggling to focus in class and falling behind in his studies.

When I asked what was wrong, he revealed that he was in pain as his parents were talking about a divorce.

I was shocked to realise that, more often than not, teens keep quiet about their emotional struggles and family problems unless someone cares to ask.

They may appear functional at a glance, but the impact of divorce on them may be even bigger than that on the parents.

They need the support of their parents in a united and harmonious family.

Therefore, I urge parents who are considering divorce to think about their children and the impact it will have on them, and not to make any impulsive decisions.

Noah Low, 14, Hwa Chong Institution Year 2

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