20 February 2018
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Law Soc: New Supreme Court Initiatives

Law Society

New Initiatives from the Supreme Court

​Supreme Court will be implementing new initiatives to facilitate court reporting and the publicity of judgments from 1 February 2018. For a start, the initiatives will apply to Court of Appeal ('CA') cases only.

​The initiatives include:

Fixed time for collection of judgments

With effect from 1 February 2018, civil cases where judgments have been reserved during the final hearing will be released to parties at a fixed time between 9 to 11am on a week day. Supreme Court will inform the lawyer/law firm via e-mail one day before to collect the judgment. The judgment will then be released to the media at 12 noon, regardless of whether parties have collected it or not.

Supreme Court twitter account

Supreme Court will be using Twitter to publicise all CA judgments. We will update you when the Twitter account is ready.

Collaboration with SMU Law School

Supreme Court will collaborate with SMU Law School students to publicise landmark CA Judgments. Students will draft case briefs for significant CA judgments to highlight pertinent points that can be easily understood by the public. These will be uploaded on SMU's law blog: www.smulexicon.com and the Supreme Court website.