17 July 2018
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Law Soc: MHA - Updated Alert List

Law Society

Ministry of Home Affairs
Updated Alert List

The Law Society has been informed by the Ministry of Law that an updated Alert List (the 'List') has been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The List contains details of persons known to have been involved in terrorist or terrorist-financing activities. The industry should not deal with persons in this list, or with those persons designated in the First Schedule of the Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act ('TSOFA'). The industry should also review/screen existing/new business relationships for persons listed in the First Schedule and the Alert List; if there are any matches, there are obligations under the TSOFA which should be complied with.

All members are strongly advised to view the list together with an important explanatory note relating to the key obligations of legal practitioners pursuant to the Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act ('TSOFA'). The list and explanatory note are accessible on the Society's website (click 'for Lawyers' > 'Members Library' > [Log in with your ID and Password] > 'Regulatory Matters' > 'Anti-Money Laundering' > Alert  List as at 9 April 2018).

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Monetary Authority of Singapore have underscored that the List is a strictly confidential document, and should not be circulated or distributed beyond the intended recipients.