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Karl Liew to be charged with giving false evidence

Karl Liew to be charged with giving false evidence

Source: Straits Times
Article Date: 05 Nov 2020
Author: Cara Wong

Mr Karl Liew, son of the former Changi Airport Group (CAG) chairman, is also accused of giving false evidence during a judicial proceeding.

Mr Karl Liew, son of the former Changi Airport Group (CAG) chairman, will be charged today with furnishing false information and giving false evidence in court, the police said yesterday.

The Attorney-General's Chambers had directed the police to conduct further investigations on Mr Liew, in the light of comments a High Court judge made on Sept 4 when overturning the conviction of the Liew family's former maid Parti Liyani for theft.

The judge had described him as dishonest in giving evidence against Ms Parti.

Yesterday, Minister for Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam, in his ministerial statement in Parliament, said Mr Karl Liew had made several allegations in the trial that the judge had found suspect, including his claim to have worn women's T-shirts.

Mr Shanmugam said there were many aspects of Mr Liew's conduct and evidence during the trial which were "highly unsatisfactory", and raised "scepticism".

"Looking at the evidence, the impression one gets is that there seems to have been a cavalier attitude on the part of the Liews, in the way that some items were identified as belonging to them and in the way values were ascribed to some items," Mr Shanmugam told Parliament.

He added: "When you claim an item, you make sure it is yours. When you ascribe a value, make sure you have a basis. Questions do arise, about how one or more of the Liews have conducted themselves on these and other aspects."

Mr Shanmugam further highlighted several points in Mr Karl Liew's testimony that the High Court found suspect.

• Mr Liew had testified that a Gucci wallet, a Braun Buffel wallet and a Helix watch - which were found in Ms Parti's possessions - had been given to him by family members. Yet none of his family members, including his father Liew Mun Leong, the former CAG chairman, could recall having or giving him these specific items.

• He said he had bought a bedsheet, also found in Ms Parti's possession, from Habitat in the United Kingdom, even though the bedsheet had the same pattern as a quilt cover with an "Ikea" label. This was also contradicted by his wife, who said she had never seen the bedsheet in her room, or on her bed.

• Mr Liew also could not clearly identify some pieces of clothing, including a black dress, which he claimed was his.

• He claimed as well the ownership of a pink knife, which he said he had bought before 2002. Mr Liew later conceded at the trial that the knife was likely manufactured after that date.

Mr Shanmugam said Mr Liew has since been questioned on the inconsistent statements, and has given statements on whether the items highlighted by the High Court had been in his possession.

The minister added that when filing a police report, a complainant needs to be serious when making claims about items in question.

"It doesn't have to be a comprehensive account, but it must be done with careful consideration."

Source: Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Permission required for reproduction.


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