Public consultation on Converged Competition Code for the media and telecommunication markets

The present review of the Telecom Competition Code and the Media Market Conduct Code to develop a harmonised competition code that applies to both the Singapore telecommunication and media markets marks a further step towards taking a holistic approach to regulation and competition management of the two sectors.

Journals Online: Enforcing public takeover regulation: Reconciling public and private interests

This article argues that there needs to be a clearer delineation between the potentially overlapping jurisdictions of UK, HK and Singapore of the takeover panels and the courts.

Journals Online: Contract law in Commonwealth countries: Uniformity or divergence?

This article examines  whether and in what areas the contract law of various Commonwealth jurisdictions has diverged (in the main, from English law) and, more importantly, why such divergence has occurred.

International arbitration update

SICC to have the same jurisdiction as the SHC to hear proceedings related to international commercial arbitration under the International Arbitration Act.

Singapore releases Asia’s first Model AI Governance Framework for public consultation, pilot adoption and feedback

The PDPC and IMDA with the advice the Advisory Council on of the Ethical Use of AI and Data proposes this voluntary Model Framework as a general, ready-to-use tool to enable reponsible deployment of AI solutions by organisations.

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SGX shares proposals on appointment of second auditor or Singapore-based auditor, and raising business and real estate valuations standard

Mr Tan Boon Gin, SGC CEO, shared that SGX will be consulting the market before implementing these proposals.

MAS establishes industry-led Corporate Governance Advisory Committee to advocate good corporate governance practices

One of the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Council is to set up the CGAC to advocate good corporate governance practices.

The importance of an exit strategy in technology contracts

The issues to be considered include continuing service requirements, data security and privacy, knowledge and documentation transfer and the costs of transition.

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MAS issues Guidelines on Electronic Offers of Securities, Securities-based Derivatives Contracts or Units in Collective Investment Schemes

The Guidelines were revised on 18 January 2019 and contain new requirements on the cautionary statements that must be displayed…

Singapore Budget 2019: Tax developments

Mr Heng Swee Keat delivered the Budget Statement in Parliament on 18 Feb, announcing various tax and policy changes aimed at building a long-term and fiscally sustainable future.

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Competition Bites 2019 - Issue 1

This article provides on overview of the regional developments in competiton law for the first quarter, with a particular focus on Thailand’s new rules on merger controls.

Changes to the “Accredited Investor” regime in Singapore

Key changes to the Accreditor Investor regime, as introduced by SFAA, have successively come into force.

Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements

The VIMA initiative aims to accelerate the negotiation process between entrepreneurs and investors in the early stage of funding…

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Disclosing client confidences to your spouse or significant other

Is it always permissible for a lawyer to disclose client information to a spouse or significant other so long as the client’s identity is not revealed?

AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

The use of artificial intelligence software to identify possible items of concern in legal documents is well established. However, the real possibilities are only now being opened up with a new generation of systems.

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[PHL] PCC adjusts thresholds for compulsory M&A notifications

This is the second threshold adjustment by the PCC since the Philippine Competition Act was passed in 2015.

Shifting contours of being a legal professional

This article reflects on potential hybrid skillsets and emergence of non-traditional job roles in the legal domain..

MAS consults on proposed revisions to the banking regime

The proposals are aimed at strengthening the licensing and regulation of banks and credit card or charge card licensees..

MAS consults on proposed revisions to the regime governing banks' and merchant banks’ outsourcing arrangements

MAS also intends for similar requirements to apply in relation to other financial sectors and will consult on this in due course.

Revision of the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance

This article looks at the implications of the new requirements under the revised Code to the corporate governance framework in Singapore. 

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