Singapore Ministry of Health publishes fee benchmarks for surgical procedures in the private sector

As part of efforts to keep healthcare costs sustainable, the Singapore MOH has on 13 Nov 2018 introduced fee benchmarks for surgeon fees at private hospitals and clinics.

IMDA issues COPIF 2018 and COPIF Guidelines 2018, effective from 15 December 2018

The key changes are intended to reflect the Telecommunications Act amendments introduced in 2017, as well as to keep pace with market and technology developments.

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MOH and HPB consult on measures to reduce sugar intake from pre-packaged sugar-sweetened beverages

The consultation paper seeks views on four possible measures, which are not mutually exclusive, towards pre-packaged SSBs.

SGX RegCo sets out expectations of listed companies conducting ICO

SGX RegCo’s main concern is how the issuer safeguards its own interest and that of its shareholders when it conducts an ICO.

MAS releases updated Guide to Digital Token Offerings

The Guide provides general guidance on the application of the securities laws in relation to offers or issues of digital tokens in Singapore.

MAS releases new FEAT Principles to promote responsible use of artificial intelligence and data analytics

The document sets out 14 principles for firms to consider when assessing existing or developing new internal frameworks to govern the use of AI and data analytics.

SGX RegCo consults on changes to regulation of issue managers and listings review process

This article highlights the key features of the consultation, which closed on 28 Dec 2018. the scope includes the responsibilities and independence of issue managers.

[CHN] China announces detailed rules for allowed deductions before individual income tax

This update sets out the key feautures of the Interim Rules which came into force on 1 Jan 2019.

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Revised code of corporate governance and consequential amendments to the SGX listing rules

This article discusses some of the key changes to the Code, and the corporate governance advisory committee which the MAS expects to establish by the end of this year.

Administration of estate: applicable time bar for claims against the deceased’s estate

An issue may arise if a significant period of time has elapsed between the date on which the debt was payable and the date that a claim is made to recover the said debt from the Estate.

Morality & legality of crypto currencies and ICOs

The writer seeks to find a balance between mitigating enterprise failure risk and financial loss to the public consumer with reasonable protection to the consumer.

MAS issues response to feedback received on the proposed framework for Variable Capital Companies

MAS issued its response on 10 Sep. This article highlights some key points raised in the Response.

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A last resort legal option for a trustee in bankruptcy?

This article discusses the legal basis for a Trustee in Bankruptcy to apply to Court for a forced-sale order of a private property that is co-owned by a bankrupt, where the other co-owners are unable/refuse, to buy out the bankrupt’s interest in the property, and also refuse to sell the property in the open market. 

Pension sharing in England after a Singapore divorce

A discussion of the applicable law and procedure in England to the enforcement of Singapore orders concerning pensions.

ABS issues Guidelines for Cyber Security Exercises

Known as the Adversarial Attack Simulations Exercises Guidelines or “Red Teaming” Guidelines, the Guidelines provide financial institutions with best practices and guidance on planning and conducting Red Teaming exercises to enhance their security testing.

MAS issues MAS Notice 637 with changes relating to eligible collateral, interest rate risk in the banking book, and holdings of TLAC liabilities

MAS Notice 637 (Amendment No. 2) 2018 further includes widening the scope of eligible collateral relating to commodities and equity for credit risk mitigation purposes, revising the risk weight for unrated exposures to public sector entities under the standardised approach for credit risk and more.

Disruption in the global trading system: Implications for businesses in Singapore

This article provides a broad overview of recent changes to the global trading environment and an analysis of the implications for businesses in Singapore.

MinLaw consults on proposed reforms to IP dispute resolution system

The proposed reforms to the IP dispute resolution system are: consolidating civil IP proceedings in the High Court and establishing a “fast track” option for IP litigation.

PDPC responds to feedback on merger of DNC Provisions under PDPA and Spam Control Act

PDPC issued the Response on 8 Nov following the public consultation which was conducted between 27 Apr and 12 Jun. 

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