Supreme Court Case Summary: B2C2 Ltd v Quoine Pte Ltd [2019] SGHC(I) 03

SICC found the operator of a virtual currency exchange platform liable for breach of contract and breach of trust in reversing trades made at an abnormal exchange rate.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Ramesh Perumal v PP [2019] SGCA 17

The SCA allows the appeal of one appellant's conviction on a charge of possession of diamorphine for the purpose of trafficking.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Ong Boon Hwee v Cheah Ng Soo [2019] SGHC 65

The SHC held that a writ of seizure and sale can be attached to a joint tenant’s interest in land.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Kiri Industries Ltd v Senda International Capital Ltd and another [2019] SGHC(I) 02

This case arose out of directions issued by the Court at a case management conference held on 23 Nov 2018.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Public Prosecutor v ASR [2019] SGCA 16

CA upholds sentence of reformative training for intellectually disabled teenager convicted of serious sexual offences and clarifies applicable sentencing principles.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Gan Chai Bee Anne v Public Prosecutor [2019] SGHC 42

HC reduces sentence for offences under s 6(c) of Prevention of Corruption Act, and clarifies approach to restitution as sentencing factor and sentencing for multiple offences.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Geok Hong Company Pte Ltd v Koh Ai Gek and others [2019] SGCA 15

The CA allows the appeal against decision that a common intention constructive trust had arisen over a property.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Abhilash s/o Kunchian Krishnan v Yeo Hock Huat and another [2019] SGCA 14

The CA dismisses appeal to value a company on the basis of a third-party offer.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Noor Azlin bte Abdul Rahman v Changi General Hospital Pte Ltd and others [2019] SGCA 13

CA held that CGH had failed to put in place a system for proper follow-up of radiological results and patient management, causing a delay in the paient's diagnosis of lung cancer.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Shanghai Turbo Enterprises Ltd v Liu Ming [2018] SGCA 11

SCA set aside the HC's decision and granted leave to Shanghai Turbo to serve the writ on the Mr Liu in China. SCA also restored the injunctions against him. 

Supreme Court Case Summary: Sun Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd v Hilton International Manage (Maldives) Pvt Ltd [2019] SGCA 10

CA allows appeal against decision ordering a permanent restraint against the respondent relying on a foreign judgment obtained after parties obtained arbitral awards.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Zamri bin Mohd Tahir v Public Prosecutor [2019] SGCA 9

While CA found that the appellant had acted as a mere courier, he had not been issued a certificate of substantive assistance. The HC's mandatory death sentence was upheld.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Simpson Marine (SEA) Pte Ltd v Jiacipto Jiaravanon [2019] SGCA 7

CA allows luxury yacht dealer to retain pre-contract deposit paid by prospective buyer notwithstanding that he decided not to proceed with a purchase.

Supreme Court Case Summary: BPC v BPB and another appeal [2019] SGCA 03

CA orders that the pool of matrimonial assets to be divided between the parties to be reduced from $38m to $35m. 

Supreme Court Case Summary: BCBC Singapore Pte Ltd and another v PT Bayan Resources TBK and another [2019] SGHC(I) 1

SICC holds that the first plaintiff had the ability to fund a joint venture company.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Ho Man Yuk v Public Prosecutor [2019] SGCA 2

SGCA held that initial innocent possession is not a requirement for a conviction under s 403 of the Penal Code for dishonest misappropriation.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Burberry Limited and another v Megastar Shipping Pte Ltd [2019] SGCA 01

SGCA found that the freight forwarder which imported counterfeit goods was not liable for trade mark infringement.

Supreme Court Case Summary: UKM v Attorney-General [2018] SGHCF 18

The High Court (Family Division) allows a gay man’s application to adopt his four-year-old biological son who was birthed through gestational surrogacy in the US.

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