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Disruptive legal technologies – is ethics catching up?

In the past few years, a growing field of literature is exploring the ethical ramifications of using one of Susskind’s disruptive legal technologies – online legal guidance systems.

Journals Online: Conflict of Laws

This article in the SAL Annual Review encapsulates and evaluates the 2017 decisions of the Singapore courts on conflicts of law. It is authored by Professor Joel Lee Tye Beng.

MAS highlights FATF Guidance on Counter Proliferation Financing

The FATF Guidance which was published by the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) in February 2018 is available from the FATF website.

Re Swiber Holdings Ltd and another matter [2018] SGHC 180

Companies — Receiver and manager

Companies — Receiver and manager

Public Prosecutor v Thompson, Matthew [2018] SGHC 179

Criminal Procedure and Sentencing — Sentencing

A co and others v D and another [2018] SGHCR 9

Arbitration – Stay in favour of arbitration

Arbitration – Stay in favour of arbitration
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