Tags: Tort

TSF v TSE [2018] SGCA 49

Family Law — Custody

Lee Chen Seong Jeremy v Official Assignee [2018] SGCA 51

Companies — Striking off defunct companies

Soft skills for success

Observing that soft skills are commonly disparaged and neglected by lawyers, Kiser makes the case that almost all successful professionals possess soft skills and that, contrary to popular belief, soft skills can be learnt.

Journals Online: Competition Law

This article in the SAL Annual Review encapsulates and evaluates the 2017 decisions of the Singapore courts on competition law. It is authored by Kala Anandarajah.

SGX issues consultation paper on “Proposed Revision of the Financial and Capital Requirements on Bank and Remote Members”

The proposals in the Consultation Paper seek to take into account developments in the regulatory landscape and the levels of risk posed by members.

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