Supreme Court Case Summary: Wong Souk Yee v Attorney-General [2019] SGCA 25

SGCA finds that there is no duty to call a by-election when a single vacancy arises in a GRC, but holds that the appellant need not pay costs to the respondent.

Lim Ah Leh v Heng Fock Lin [2019] SGCA 26

Trusts — Resulting trust

Wong Souk Yee v Attorney-General [2019] SGCA 25

Administrative Law — Judicial review

Yong Pung How Professorship of Law Lecture 2019 - The Choice of Court Agreement: Perils of the Midnight Clause, CEBLA, 22 May (1.5 public CPD points)

The lecture will review the implications of the recent seminal choice of law decisions for cross-border transactions, against the backdrop of the common law as well as the SICC and Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements.

“Strong cause” for non-exclusive jurisdiction clause cases

In Shanghai Turbo Enterprises Ltd v. Liu Ming [2019] SGCA 11, the SCA decided that the “strong cause” test as explained in the Vinmar case is to apply also to cases involving non-exclusive jurisdiction clauses…

Supreme Court Case Summary: Li Shengwu v The Attorney-General [2019] SGCA 20

SGCA dismisses the appellant’s appeal, and upholds service out of jurisdiction of the committal papers on the appellant.

Li Shengwu v The Attorney-General [2019] SGCA 20

Li Shengwu v The Attorney-General [2019] SGCA 20

Civil Procedure — Service

Civil Procedure — Service

Basic Written Advocacy Workshops 2019 - Drafting of Pleadings, Law Soc, 15 May (2 public CPD points)

This session will guide participants on how to structure and prioritise facts necessary in a case, and also offer guidance on being succinct yet useful.

Apex court: Papers properly served on Li Shengwu in US

Apex court: Papers properly served on Li Shengwu in US

The apex court held that service of the papers on Mr Li complied with a provision in the Rules of Court that permits papers to be served out of Singapore in cases where a claim is made under any written law.

The statutory framework governing the right to appeal to the Court of Appeal: Some thoughts

Considerable uncertainty has arisen over the issue of an “interlocutory order” under the Fifth Schedule of the SCJA (as amended by the SCJA (Amendment No 2) Act 2018). This article identifies the challenges when navigating these uncertainties, and makes a proposal for reform.

Journals Online: Interlocutory appeals to the Court of Appeal

This article discusses para 1(h), Fifth Scehdule of the Supreme Court Judicature Act.

Journals Online: Can a "persons unknown" injunction be deployed in the Singapore context?

This article looks at the use of such an injunction in the UK caselaw and whether it can be deployed in Singapore courts.

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