United Integrated Services Pte Ltd v Civil Tech Pte Ltd and another [2019] SGHC 32

Building and Construction Law – Statutes and regulations

Building and Construction Law – Statutes and regulations

Evolution of Dispute Resolution Contractual Provisions in Standard Forms For Construction and Engineering Contracts, SCL, 27 Mar (1.5 public CPD points)

Mediation, international arbitration and adjudication are all relatively recent entrants in the history of dispute resolution for construction and engineering contracts.

Developments in international arbitration, construction & projects in 2018

2018 saw many advancements in the areas of International Arbitration, Construction & Projects. In this Update, we look at some of the noteworthy ones.

Ryobi Tactics Pte Ltd v UES Holdings Pte Ltd and another and another matter [2019] SGHC 11

Building and Construction Law — Building and construction related contracts

Qualified Contractual Obligations: The Use and Interpretation of Endeavours Clauses, NUS, 19 Feb (1 public CPD point)

This seminar will seek to address these questions, in light of recent case law.

Causes of Catastrophic Failure in Construction – A Guide for Lawyers and the Layperson, SCL, 19 Feb (1 public CPD points)

This presentation examines the interaction between technical and human factors in failure causation, and concludes that while failures stem from technical issues, it is human fallibility that allows these issues to culminate in catastrophe.

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