The Tripartite Guidelines on Wrongful Dismissal – What they mean for employers

The practical effect is a significant increase in the pool of potential claimants against employers, and made it much easier for them to make claims against employers.

The new Singapore Employment Act – too much or too little?

Despite the Legislature's positive intentions, these changes throw up a few problems in practice.

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New tripartite guidelines set out what constitutes wrongful dismissal

New tripartite guidelines set out what constitutes wrongful dismissal

Developed by the Manpower Ministry, National Trades Union Congress and Singapore National Employers Federation, the guidelines follow changes to the Employment Act, which now allows all employees to file claims against their employers for wrongful dismissal.

Categories: Headlines

Journals Online: Employment Act changes: Implications and uncertainties

While the latest amendments have brought about significant changes, the focus of this comment will be on issues relating to the termination of the employment contract, particularly wrongful dismissal.

MOM consults on proposed changes to Work Injury Compensation Act

The consultation paper includes proposals to broaden coverage under the WICA and to introduce measures to speed up claims processing. 

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