Supreme Court Case Summary: BOM v BOK and another appeal [2018] SGCA 83

CA affirms HC decision to set aside the trust deed for misrepresentation, mistake, undue influence and unconscionability.

Woman's appeal over $25m assets rejected

Woman's appeal over $25m assets rejected

Top court agrees with earlier finding she tricked husband into signing deed.

BOM v BOK and another appeal [2018] SGCA 83

Deeds and other instruments — Deeds

Chee Yin Meh v Sim Guan Seng and others [2018] SGHCR 14

Civil Procedure – Discovery of Documents

Whither the Equitable Maxim? A brief comment on BTB v BTD [2018] SGHC 203

The SHC’s recent decision in BTB v BTD  is a case that shows us the perils of unnecessarily relying on equitable maxims as a tool for legal analysis.

MAS issues Response to feedback on Parts 3 and 4 of consultation paper on changes to SFA, FAA and TCA

The paper proposed changes to enhance MAS’ supervisory powers and strengthen business conduct requirements for financial institutions regulated under these Acts.

UAM v UAN and another [2017] SGHCF 10

Abuse of Process — Extended doctrine of res judicata
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