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Singapore law, which has its roots in English law, has now evolved into a distinctive jurisprudence. It continues to absorb and modify the common law as well as best practices from other mature legal systems. Developments in Singapore law reflect an acute awareness of the need to recognize and accommodate current international business and commercial practices.

The legal system in Singapore has received numerous international accolades for its efficiency and integrity. As a consequence of this, there is now wide recognition of Singapore as a leading legal hub in Asia.



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2015 Study on Governing Law & Jurisdictional Choices in Cross-border Transactions

In 2015, SAL's Promotion of Singapore Law Committee commissioned a survey on governing law and jurisdictional choices in cross-border transactions. Click on the image to view a summary of the results.

Why Singapore Law

Overview - Singapore Law


2019 Study on Governing Law & Jurisdictional Choices in Cross-border Transactions

In 2019, an enhanced study was commissioned by SAL to understand the changes in perception towards governing law & jurisdictional choices in cross-border transactions, as well as to cover a broader scope and wider reach.

Everything About Singapore Law

Get to know everything about Singapore commercial law from a list of over 30 chapters written by experts in their respective fields, from the Singapore Legal System to banking and finance and company law.

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