Key legislative and regulatory developments in Singapore for the year 2018

This Update provides a brief summary of the key statutory and regulatory developments in Singapore for the year 2018.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Sun Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd v Hilton International Manage (Maldives) Pvt Ltd [2019] SGCA 10

CA allows appeal against decision ordering a permanent restraint against the respondent relying on a foreign judgment obtained after parties obtained arbitral awards.

Analysing the commercial impact of public policy measures: MOH proposals to reduce Singaporeans’ sugar intake from sweetened beverages

MOH lauched a public consultation on 4 Dec 2018 seeking views from the public and key stakeholders on possible measures to reduce Singaporeans' sugar intake from pre-packaged sugar-sweetened beverages.

Vulnerable Adults Act 2018 allowing intervention to protect vulnerable adults in force from 19 December 2018

This update sets out the scope of the Act and guiding principles underlying the exercise of the power of intervention, key provisions of the Act and the background.

Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) enters into force on 30 December 2018

It brings together 11 economies from both sides of the Pacific and establishes Singapore’s first preferential trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Zamri bin Mohd Tahir v Public Prosecutor [2019] SGCA 9

While CA found that the appellant had acted as a mere courier, he had not been issued a certificate of substantive assistance. The HC's mandatory death sentence was upheld.

Court rules online gambling offence to be deserving of harsher punishment than offence under Common Gaming Houses Act

In PP v Elger Kua Meng Tern [2019] SGMC 5, the accused pleaded guilty to using his office premises as a common gaming house, and for providing a Singapore-based remote gambling service.

Carbon Pricing Act 2018 imposing carbon tax in force from 1 January 2019

The Act makes consequential and related amendments to the Energy Conservation Act and imposes a carbon tax on certain greenhouse gas emissions of business facilities, measured from 2019 onwards. 

CCCS clears merger in highly watched food and beverage retail sector

CCCS has cleared the proposed acquisition by NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited of Kopitiam Investment Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries.

MAS to launch new S$75 million grant to enhance Singapore’s role as an enterprise financing hub

GEMS will comprise three components: a Listing Grant, a Research Talent Development Grant and a Research Initiatives Grant.

Exclusive means exclusive

In Vinmar Overseas (Singapore) Pte Ltd v PTT International Trading Pte Ltd [2018] 2 SLR 1271, the SCA overruled at least four of its own previous judgments given over 20 years.

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Salvage, reward and treasure

In Nov 2018, the government presented a bill in Parliament which proposes among other things to implement the 1989 Salvage Convention in virtually every respect.

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Where is justice best served?

In IM Skaugen SE and another v MAN Diesel & Turbo SE and another [2018] SGHC 123, the SHC held that the availability of the SICC favoured Singapore as the more appropriate forum to hear the dispute.

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Mediation of maritime disputes aided by Singapore Convention

Mediation’s path toward being a primary dispute resolution mode has been made easier by the recent adoption in Dec 2018 by the UNGA of the 'Singapore Convention'.

Can an arbitral award be issued against minors?

In BAZ v BBA and others [2018] SGHC 275, the SHC set aside an award against the minors, noting that it would violate the protection given to minors in contractual relationships under Singapore law.

SingHealth and IHiS case: PDPC Decision notes breaches of the protection obligation in the healthcare sector

In Re Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd & Ors [2019] SGPDPC 3, the Commissioner ruled that SingHealth and IHiS failed to protect the personal data of individuals, in violation of s24 of the PDPA.

Developments in international arbitration, construction & projects in 2018

2018 saw many advancements in the areas of International Arbitration, Construction & Projects. In this Update, we look at some of the noteworthy ones.

Security token offerings in Singapore

On 30 Nov 2018, MAS released an updated version of "A Guide to Digital Token Offerings". 

Singapore’s new “omnibus” Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Bill

We discuss the key changes, and examine what the latest amendments mean for creditors, debtors and other stakeholders.

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