Singapore High Court declines to set aside an award on the basis that successful party withheld evidence

In BVU v BVX [2019] SGHC 69, the SHC refused to set aside an arbitral award on the basis that the successful party made a decision not to call certain witnesses to give evidence and to disclose certain internal documents.

MinLaw consults on draft Intellectual Property (Dispute Resolution) Bill to enhance Singapore’s IP dispute resolution system

The key proposals include granting the SHC exclusive jurisdiction over most civil IP disputes, clarify that IP disputes can be arbitrated in Sg, formalise 3rd party observation process for patent, etc..

Asian lawyers prefer S'pore as venue for dispute resolution: Poll

Asian lawyers prefer S'pore as venue for dispute resolution: Poll

More than 600 legal practitioners and in-house counsel who engage in cross-border transactions in Asia were polled, and 63 per cent of them picked Singapore as their preferred venue for dispute resolution.

Mediation Training Programme, RICS, 27-31 May (30 public CPD points)

This course will prepare you to mediate the most complex disputes to the highest standards across land, property, construction and infrastructure.

Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration, CIArb, 25 May-2 Jun (57.5 public CPD points)

During an intensive and interactive 9-day program, students will be taught the practice of international commercial arbitration.. and will gain the ability to appear in or act as an arbitrator or counsel in different contexts.

Journals Online: Heated debates: Giving concurrent evidence in the hot tub

The forthcoming CIArb Guidelines for Witness Conferencing in International Arbitration provide a framwork for arbitrators, parties and experts to determine whether, and if so how, to conduct a successful conference.

Participant in Dispute Resolution: Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1), SMC, 6-7 May (11.5 CPD points)

This intensive 2-day workshop offers you an opportunity to better understand the nature of conflicts and learn the latest and most effective techniques to end them.

Singapore's enhanced mediation promotion scheme

From 1st Apr 2019, Singapore will provide supplementary funding to parties who choose mediation as an alternative to litigation for IP-related disputes.

MinLaw mulling over allowing appeal to Courts post arbitration awards

MinLaw mulling over allowing appeal to Courts post arbitration awards

Ministry intends to conduct a public consultation on this and other enhancements to International Arbitration Act.

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BWF v BWG [2019] SGHC 81

Arbitration — Agreement

The Discretion to Enforce, SIArb, 7 May (1.5 public CPD points)

Amanda Lees will discuss recent case law, including Sanum Investments Limited v ST Group Co Ltd. Christine Artero will present a comparative law perspective.

Hyflux faces arbitration request over desalination plant in Algeria

Hyflux faces arbitration request over desalination plant in Algeria

Action initiated by Algerian Energy company, which has a 49% stake in the firm operating the plant.

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Journals Online: The problem with Rakna – The scope of the preclusive effect of Art 16(3) of the Model Law: Rakna Arakshaka Lanka v Avant Garde Maritime Services [2018] SGHC 78

This article explains why the decision to extend the preclusive effect of Art 16(3) of the the Model Law to a party that did not participate in the arbitration is erroneous.

International arbitration update

SICC to have the same jurisdiction as the SHC to hear proceedings related to international commercial arbitration under the International Arbitration Act.

International Entry Course, SIArb, 26 Apr (14 public CPD points)

The course consists of 4 Modules conducted over two full days, with each module covering a particular segment of arbitration law and practice.

BVU v BVX [2019] SGHC 69

Arbitration — Award

Arbitration — Award

Court of Appeal disallows anti-suit injunction due to delay

In Sun Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd v Hilton International Manage (Maldives) Pvt Ltd [2019] SGCA 10, the CA clarified that an anti-enforcement injunction is a relief that will only be granted in exceptional circumstances..

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