Demystifying Blockchain - What it is, What it Does and What Does it Mean for International Commercial Disputes?, SAL, 27 Nov (1 public CPD point)

Lawrence Akka, QC will speak on the history and rise of cryptocurrencies. Subsequently, he will discuss on blockchain, smart contracts and the technology behind bitcoin.

A Three-Part Workshop: Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies, CIArb, 22 Nov (1 public CPD point)

This workshop will demystify the essential aspects of the functioning of blockchains and distributed ledger technology, and examine any related legal and dispute resolution issues.

Note on Lifting Off...... The Singapore Infrastructure Dispute-Management Protocol

This is the second of two new Singapore initiatives designed to facilitate infrastructure development in Asia, the first being Infrastructure Asia.

From the Third to Fourth Industrial Revolution - Impact of technology on dispute resolution and lawyering, Maxwell Chambers, 13 Dec (1 public CPD point)

Will advanced innovations substantially change the landscape of arbitration and dispute resolution practices?

Views sought on plan to simplify intellectual property dispute resolution

Views sought on plan to simplify intellectual property dispute resolution

MinLaw said the fast-track option is meant for disputes which involve a lower value or where parties prefer to further speed up the conduct of their cases.

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Supreme Court Case Summary: Glaziers Engineering Pte Ltd v WCS Engineering Construction Pte Ltd [2018] SGCA 66

CA reverses HC's finding that adjudicator breached natural justice by applying “beyond reasonable doubt” standard in proceedings where parties did not address adjudicator on applicable standard of persuasion.

Dispute-handling protocol launched for big infrastructure projects

Dispute-handling protocol launched for big infrastructure projects

Parties in such projects will set up a Dispute Board of neutral experts to quickly resolve issues as they crop up.

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Supreme Court Case Summary: Marty Limited v Hualon Corporation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Receiver and Manager Appointed) [2018] SGCA 63

CA finds party to an arbitration agreement who had commenced and maintained court proceedings to be in repudiatory breach of the arbitration agreement.

Introducing the Singapore Convention on Mediation, SIDRA, 27 Nov (3 public CPD points)

This lecture will provide first-hand insight into the influential role that Singapore played in the new Convention’s origins within UNCITRAL Working Group II.

Singapore Arbitrators - How Can They Remain Relevant In A Changing Regional Services Market?, SIArb, 22 Nov (1.5 public CPD points)

Professor McCormick will share personal reflections on the market place dynamics which may govern success or failure for arbitration service providers in the region.

Singapore High Court examines Order of Precedence clause

In Sinolanka Hotels & Spa (Private) Limited v Interna Contract SpA [2018] SGHC 157, the SHC ruled that the arbitral tribunal lacked jurisdiction to determine the dispute and also dismissed the alternative application to set aside the final award.

SIArb Debate: “This house believes that computers will replace arbitrators within 25 years”, SIArb, 06 Dec (1 public CPD point)

In this debate, the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators invites you to look into the future of dispute resolution and consider how technology is changing arbitration.

SIArb Commercial Arbitration Symposium 2018, SIArb, 15 Nov (4.5 public CPD points)

Always popular, the Symposium provides a distinctive and interactive forum for participants to discuss current issues and developments in the field of commercial arbitration.

Module 1 - Interest-based Conflict Management, SMC, 19 Nov (3 public CPD points)

Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) is an interest-based approach to negotiations dealing with matrimonial disputes. CFP aims to assist couples to reach an agreement.

Singapore High Court holds imposition of attorney-eyes-only order did not amount to breach of natural justice warranting setting aside of arbitral award

In China Machine New Energy Corporation v Jaguar Energy Guatemala LLC, the SHC declined to set aside an arbitral award, finding that an attorney-eyes-only (“AEO”) order did not amount to a breach of natural justice.

Singapore and Hong Kong Courts apply choice of remedies principle in international arbitration

This update summarises the key aspects and implications of the “choice of remedies” principle in the decisions of Astro Nusantara International and Rakna Arakshaka Lanka.

A co and others v D and another [2018] SGHCR 9

Arbitration – Stay in favour of arbitration

Arbitration – Stay in favour of arbitration
The “Singapore Convention”: The way forward in international mediation?

The “Singapore Convention”: The way forward in international mediation?

Settlements reached through mediation could be enforceable internationally should the Singapore Convention come into force. In this alert we analyse its key aspects of the draft and its current status.

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