CCCS clears proposed JV between hearing aid suppliers

CCCS announced the clearance decision on 12 October 2018.

Monetary Authority of Singapore announces tax framework for Variable Capital Companies

This announcement details the manner in which the Resident Fund Scheme of s13R and the Enhanced-Tier Fund Scheme of s13X of the Income Tax Act are to be extended to VCCs.

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Launch of the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements

The VIMA comprises a pragmatic set of standard-form model documents that have been calibrated to balance the interests of both the investor and the company.

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Note on Lifting Off...... The Singapore Infrastructure Dispute-Management Protocol

This is the second of two new Singapore initiatives designed to facilitate infrastructure development in Asia, the first being Infrastructure Asia.

Amendments to the Singapore Employment Act - tips for Japanese companies

This article will introduce the key changes and provide insights for Japanese subsidiaries in Singapore in terms of compliance with the amended Act.

Note on Launching… Infrastructure Asia

Infrastructure development is a key national priority for Asian governments; however, there is still huge unmet need, and gaps which prevent more infrastructure projects from taking off.

Handling of confidential information and dealings in securities – Principles of best practice

This guide aims to enhance public confidence in the Sg capital markets by recommending practices that would ensure equal access of information on by the market and orderly release of information on when necessary. 

A significant step for enforcement of money judgments in commercial cases between Singapore and China

A significant step for enforcement of money judgments in commercial cases between Singapore and China

The MOG stipulates that the courts of the PRC will not review the merits of a Singapore judgment and it may only be challenged on limited grounds of procedural and jurisdictional issues.

[MYR] Ensuring Compliance with the Myanmar Companies Law 2017

The Myanmar Companies Law 2017 (MCL), which entered into force on 1 August 2018, introduces a modern legal framework for foreign investment in Myanmar.

[MYR] Myanmar Withholding Tax abolished to support local businesses

The abolishment of the 2% withholding tax took effect on 1 July 2018.

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Impact of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

The EUSFTA joins Singapore’s extensive network of over 20 existing FTAs, but is significantly the first FTA signed between the EU and an ASEAN country.

MAS consults on draft Notice on Cyber Hygiene for financial institutions

These practices seek to enhance the security of FIs’ systems and networks and mitigate the risk of unauthorised use of system accounts with extensive access privileges.

MAS issues Circular on controls and disclosures to be implemented by licensed securities-based crowdfunding operators

The measures are also aimed at improving transparency to enable investors to make more informed investment decisions on SCF offers.

Key insights on initiatives and developments following National Day Rally 2018

The 3 main areas highlighted in this update are the economy, healthcare and housing sectors.

[MYR] Retail and wholesale trading for foreign investors in Myanmar

We set out below some of the key requirements and issues to take into consideration.

[MYR] Anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws in Myanmar

On 3 Aug 2018, the Ministry of Planning and Finance, DICA issued an announcement on the Anti-Corruption Code of Ethics for Companies and Body Corporates.

LawWatch - October 2018 Edition

This update includes summaries of notable cases such as Bintai Kindenko Pte Ltd v Samsung C&T Corp [2018] SGCA 39 and The Wellness Group Pte Ltd v Paris Investment Pte Ltd & Ors [2018] SGCA 47.

MAS releases E-payments User Protection Guidelines

The aim of these Guidelines is to establish a common baseline protection offered by responsible FIs from losses arising from unauthorised or erroneous transactions.

LIBOR and SIBOR Reform – Impact on rate fixing and banking documentation

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has announced that LIBOR will be discontinued after 2021. SIBOR will also be reformed to promote reliance on market transactions.

Academic Publications Digest: January-June 2018

This digest is a compilation of publications by local academics from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law, and the Singapore Management University, School of Law.

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