MEWR consults on Zero Waste Masterplan

The MEWR has identified three key waste streams to address in the Masterplan - food waste, electrical waste and packaging waste.

Trade Bites 2019 - Issue 1

This provides key developments in trade related topics primarily across SEA incl. the palm oil issue, anti-circumvention laws, anti-dumping issues, managing of rules of origin given the new CPTPP etc..

IPOS extends FinTech Fast Track initiative by one year to 25 April 2020

The FinTech Fast Track nitiative facilitates a faster patent  application-to-grant process for FinTech inventions.

Journals Online: Heated debates: Giving concurrent evidence in the hot tub

The forthcoming CIArb Guidelines for Witness Conferencing in International Arbitration provide a framwork for arbitrators, parties and experts to determine whether, and if so how, to conduct a successful conference.

Singapore's enhanced mediation promotion scheme

From 1st Apr 2019, Singapore will provide supplementary funding to parties who choose mediation as an alternative to litigation for IP-related disputes.

Infrastructure: A force for good in Asia

Infrastrucure, when done right, can affect healthcare and quality of life of peoples and nations. It is important to not lose sight of this, even as we focus on the legal aspects or the legal documentation.

PDPC-CCCS discussion paper on data portability

The Discussion Paper sets out the views of the consultant, London Economics, on the benefits and impact on consumers, businesses and competition, should a data portability requirement be introduced in Singapore.

New laws regulating waste in Singapore to be introduced this year

The Resource Sustainability Bill aims to support economic opportunities in innovative circular business models and the rising demand for resource recovery in Singapore and the region.

MAS highlights FATF Guidance for risk-based approach for securities sector and life insurance sector

Non-exhaustive examples of the range of risk factors that may be relevant for the assessment of an FI’s ML/TF risks are also set out.

An impact of the US-China trade war on force majeure Clauses

In this article, we will explore how Force Majeure clauses may be invoked to avoid the obligation to perform an agreement that is no longer workable in a tariff or quota situation.

MAS issues MAS Notice 654 on Recovery and Resolution Planning and corresponding Guidelines

MAS Notice 654 sets out the requirements that a notified bank has to comply with in its recovery and resolution planning.

Moving to greener pastures: Developments in the market for electric vehicles in Singapore

This article highlights the recent developments in the EV market in Singapore and considers how Singapore can encourage the uptake of EVs through regulation and policies.

MAS publishes final regulations for mandatory trading of derivatives contracts

This update will set out the key takeaways from the MAS Response as well as the Mandatory Trading Regulations.

MAS halts security token offering in Singapore, issues warning on websites soliciting "cryptocurrency" investments

The Issuer failed to comply with the advertising restriction when its legal advisors put out a post on LinkedIn calling attention to the offer, which was made accessible to the public.

MinLaw reviews Singapore copyright laws to enhance creators’ rights and users’ access to copyrighted works

This update provides a summary of the key proposed changes to the Copyright Act as outlined in the Singapore Copyright Report.

Stricter rules on collection, use or disclosure of NRIC numbers from 1 September 2019

PDPC has also issued an accompanying Technical Guide to the NRIC Advisory Guidelines which provides tips for the replacement of such identifiers in their websites and other public-facing computer systems. 

Academic Publications Digest: July – December 2018

This digest is a compilation of publications by local academics from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law, and the Singapore Management University, School of Law.

New multi-year roadmap for telecom industry to secure Singapore’s connectivity infrastructure

IMDA will build the cybersecurity capabilities of Singapore’s telecommunication operators through the formation of the Telecom Cybersecurity Strategic Committee.

Tags: TMT

IMDA consults on Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Guide

IMDA’s new guide provides recommendations and guidance to Internet of Things users and vendors in securing their IoT devices and networks. 

Tags: TMT

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