IP Rights, Courts, and Arbitration: National Strategies and Transnational Issues, IP Academy, 07 Dec

Prof Robert Merges will discuss enforcement issues surrounding IP disputes, including arbitration and other non-court dispute resolution forums.

Demystifying Blockchain - What it is, What it Does and What Does it Mean for International Commercial Disputes?, SAL, 27 Nov (1 public CPD point)

Lawrence Akka, QC will speak on the history and rise of cryptocurrencies. Subsequently, he will discuss on blockchain, smart contracts and the technology behind bitcoin.

Breaking New Ground in Fraud Recovery Claims: Turning the Tables on Cyber Fraudsters, SAL, 26 Nov (1 public CPD point)

Paul Lowenstein, QC will speak on ground-breaking developments in the fight against cyber-fraud as developed in CMOC v Persons Unknown and others [2018] EWHC 2230 (Comm).

A Three-Part Workshop: Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies, CIArb, 22 Nov (1 public CPD point)

This workshop will demystify the essential aspects of the functioning of blockchains and distributed ledger technology, and examine any related legal and dispute resolution issues.

From the Third to Fourth Industrial Revolution - Impact of technology on dispute resolution and lawyering, Maxwell Chambers, 13 Dec (1 public CPD point)

Will advanced innovations substantially change the landscape of arbitration and dispute resolution practices?

Financial Statement Fraud, MDD Forensic Accountants, 03 Dec (1 public CPD point)

This session will review the classifications of financial statement schemes and red flags that might be associated with these schemes through a series of case studies.

6th Developments in IP Law Series, 10, 18, 29 Jan and 12 Feb, IP Academy (3 public CPD points per session TBC)

The series focuses on developments in Singapore and the UK, and where relevant, developments in the EU, US and Australia.

Introducing the Singapore Convention on Mediation, SIDRA, 27 Nov (3 public CPD points)

This lecture will provide first-hand insight into the influential role that Singapore played in the new Convention’s origins within UNCITRAL Working Group II.

Singapore Arbitrators - How Can They Remain Relevant In A Changing Regional Services Market?, SIArb, 22 Nov (1.5 public CPD points)

Professor McCormick will share personal reflections on the market place dynamics which may govern success or failure for arbitration service providers in the region.

SIArb Debate: “This house believes that computers will replace arbitrators within 25 years”, SIArb, 06 Dec (1 public CPD point)

In this debate, the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators invites you to look into the future of dispute resolution and consider how technology is changing arbitration.

Provost's Chair Professorial Lecture: Rights, Rites and Regulation: Singapore Public Law In The 21st Century, NUS, 21 Nov (1 public CPD point)

This lecture explores the landscape of Singapore public law as it has developed within a ‘paternal democracy’ by highlighting its unique or unusual features.

Module 1 - Interest-based Conflict Management, SMC, 19 Nov (3 public CPD points)

Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) is an interest-based approach to negotiations dealing with matrimonial disputes. CFP aims to assist couples to reach an agreement.

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