Participate in Dispute Resolution: Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1), SMC, 1-2 Apr (11.5 public CPD points)

This intensive 2-day workshop offers you an opportunity to better understand the nature of conflicts and learn the latest and most effective techniques to end them.

Professional Mediation Skills: Cross-Border Mediation, SIDRA-SMU, 22-26 Apr (public CPD points TBC)

Be trained in mediation and conflict resolution services across the full range of cross-border and transnational disputes and become an expert accredited cross-border mediator.

The Future of ISDS in Asia: Forks in the Road?, SIArb, 27 Feb (1.5 public CPD points)

Would be future of ISDS in Asia be framed by departing from the reasoning of the unsatisfying awards, or by following the reforms being tested in Europe, or indeed, on a decentralised basis?

Arbitral Groundhog Day: The Problem of Repeat Claims and Issues in Arbitration, 28 Mar, SIArb (1.5 public CPD points)

The lecture will consider recent developments in the doctrines of res judicata, issue estoppel and abuse of process, and the extent to which these may be deployed in commercial arbitration; investor-State disputes; and the New York Convention.

Managing Service Providers and Contracts: GDPR and PDPA, SAL, 28 Mar (2.5 public CPD point)

This session will benefit inhouse counsels or compliance officers who deal with service providers, and negotiate contracts relating to human capital and technology related services.

Evolution of Dispute Resolution Contractual Provisions in Standard Forms For Construction and Engineering Contracts, SCL, 27 Mar (1.5 public CPD points)

Mediation, international arbitration and adjudication are all relatively recent entrants in the history of dispute resolution for construction and engineering contracts.

Tax Planning vs Avoidance vs Evasion and Avoiding the Pitfalls, Wolters Kluwer, 21 Feb (3.5 public CPD points)

This workshop will discuss the distinctions between planning, avoidance and evasion through a combination of interactive discussions and actual case sharing.

Tags: Tax

International Law Year in Review Conference 2019, NUS CIL, 1 Mar (6 public CPD points)

The conference features discussions about a novel theory on the origins of international law, its enduring importance to Singapore, and “need-to-know” developments. It also features a literary lunch interview with Prof Philippe Sands QC about his prize-winning book East-West Street.

Seminar on The False Panacea of ‘Thin’ Protection: Why We Need a Bold Plan to Save Refugee Protection, 24 Apr, NUS CIL

Prof James C Hathaway will provide a critical analysis of the UN's Global Compact on Refugees and offering an alternative way to approach reform of the protection system.

What Lawyers Need to Know about Taxes, SMU Law Academy, 22 Mar (3 public CPD points)

As global tax authorities step up their efforts in scrutinizing the erosion of tax bases and the shifting of profits through cross-border transactions, there has been an increasing focus on economic substance over legal form.

Tags: Tax

Anti-Money Laundering / Combating The Financing Of Terrorism (“AML / CFT”) Course, ISCA, 22 Mar (4.5 public CPD points)

The course is designed to enable RFAs to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of AML/CFT legislations, regulatory trends and developments in Singapore…

Intellectual Property Law and Post-Scarcity Society, NUS, 20 Mar (1 public CPD points)

This lecture will focus on the ways in which IP law is already being used around the world to undermine the socially progressive promise of post-scarcity.

Candy and Poisons: Marine Pollution Writ Large, NUS, 7 Mar

The framers of UNCLOS provided a structure to address concerns of marine pollution, enabled by technology, as a consequence of societal demands for food. Is it time to figure out how to begin implementation?

Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2019, CIArb, 23 Apr (public CPD points TBC)

The conference will examine Asia’s role in shaping the future of international ADR, explore the use of ADR such as dispute boards in construction and infrastructure projects, and launch the Guidelines on Witness Conferencing in International Arbitration.

Legal Environment for doing business in China, INSEAD, 19-21 Mar (9 public CPD points)

This program will explore the impact of the recent and current economic and political impact on the legal framework for doing business in China and the PRC legal and judiciary system.

Joint WIPO CIArb SFA Fintech & Arbitration Seminar 2019, CIArb, 28 Feb (3 public CPD points)

Join us to find out more about the current issues and opportunities in FinTech, the challenges that might arise and how parties can seek to effectively resolve their disputes.

Demystifying AI, the Risks and Benefits to the Legal Department or Law Firm, SAL, 27 Feb (1 public CPD point)

We understand the role of the General Counsel has evolved. Grasping the importance of technology and innovation tools, and enabling them at your workplace are crucial for the effective use of your time for the business.

Practical Report Writing & Court Room Skills for Expert Witnesses, SAL, 26 Feb (1 public CPD point)

It is increasingly important for expert witnesses to be confident and competent to provide expert testimony effectively and in compliance with the requirements of the court. 

Damages in M&A Disputes, MDD Forensic Accountants, 25 Feb (1 public CPD point)

This seminar looks at the accounting issues which can give rise to disputes between buyers and sellers of companies and how the resulting claims can be quantified.

A Three-Part Workshop: “Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies” - Workshop 2, CIArb, 21 Feb (1 public CPD point)

An illustrous panel will will discuss smart contracts in relation to contracts law and intellectual property, the boom of ICOs and the recent emergence of STOs.

Tags: TMT
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