Comparative Corporate Governance Conference 2019, SAL, 24-25 Jan (12 public CPD points)

Leading scholars and practitioners will discuss complex corporate governance issues that confront Asia and globally.

Contemporary Issues in Public Law Litigation, NUS, 9 Jan (5 public CPD points)

Topics include: role of the courts in constitutional and administrative governance; suitability of court processes; substantive doctrine used by the courts to assess these claims etc.

Advanced Contract Law, RHT Academy, 25 Jan (4.5 public CPD points)

This course will provide you with the crucial knowledge to create successful contracts that do not just preserve your rights, but also strengthen your commercial relationships.

The Role of the Global General Counsel, NUS, 21 Jan (1 public CPD point)

This lecture will discuss two fundamental (and sometimes conflicting) roles of in-house lawyers -- wise counselor who helps advance the business and the protector of that business.

5th Asia Law Firm Management Conference: The Future is Here — Are We Ready?, Law Soc,18 Jan (6 public CPD points)

Topics will include: retaining talent, delivering better client relationships, tech, pricing and digital issues and raising the bar on legal services.

Duties of Insurance Brokers, Why Do They Matter?, NUS, 17 Jan (1 public CPD point)

The international character of their activities, the consequences of a breach of their duty of care, and potential defences will be discussed. 

Tags: Insurance

Women in Practice(#WIP): Change and Impact, Law Soc, 16 Jan (1.5 public CPD points)

The first panel will share their experiences and challenges in climbing the corporate ladder. The second panel will share their thoughts on law and innovation.

Employee Fraud, MDD Forensic Accountants, 15 Jan (1 public CPD point)

The presenter will explain how these commonly arise and are detected, the financial investigations that can ensue and how steps can be taken to reduce the risk of occurrence.

CBFL Seminar Series - The Promise And Perils Of Alternative: Market-Based Finance: The Case Of P2P In The UK, NUS, 15 Jan (1 public CPD point)

This seminar maps the UK development of FinTech platforms and reconceptualises the reasons behind their growth. 

SMU School of Law's LL.M. Auditing Programme AY2018/2019 Term 2, SMU, 08 Jan-28 Mar (30 public CPD points)

The SMU School of Law warmly invites you to apply to audit LL.M. courses offered in Term 1 of Academic Year 2018/2019.

Accelerated Route Towards Fellowship, CIArb, 24-25 Jan (public CPD points TBC)

This course has been designed for busy, legally qualified professionals who have substantial unassessed knowledge and experience of international arbitration.

The Rule against Recovery of Reflective Loss - Is it Necessary and has it Gone Too Far?, SAL, 09 Jan (1 public CPD point)

Join Mr David Foxton,QC as he reviews the rule of law that prevents a shareholder from recovering under a cause of action for loss for which the company also has a cause of action.

Damages for Deliberate Breach of Tortious Duty, Maxwell Chambers, 10 Jan (1 public CPD point)

Sir Jeremy Cooke will answer questions such as "when a ship is deliberately scuttled and the cargo lost in consequence, do the ordinary rules of remoteness of damage apply to the cargo claim?"

Security of Payment (Amendment) Act 2018: Making Sense of the Changes, SAL, 18 Jan (1.5 public CPD points)

Join the B&C Senior Accredited Specialists as they dissect the amendments to SOPA and discuss how they may impact the payment and adjudication process.

Legal Professional Privilege, SMU Law Academy, 08 Jan (2 public CPD points)

This talk will cover a number of recent developments in the law of legal professional and other types of privilege in the UK and Singapore

Participate in Dispute Resolution: Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1), SMC, 07-08 Jan (11.5 public CPD points)

This intensive 2-day workshop offers you an opportunity to better understand the nature of conflicts and learn the latest and most effective techniques to end them.

In Conversation with Michael Thomas QC, former Attorney-General of Hong Kong, SAL, 28 Jan (1.5 public CPD points)

In a fully interactive no-holds-barred session, Michael Thomas QC will take questions from three young lawyers -- an in-house counsel, a deputy public prosecutor and a defence counsel, as well as from the floor.

International Conference on Regional Cooperation for the Protection of the Marine Environment, 15-16 Jan, NUS CIL

This conference will investigate cooperative efforts by the numerous existing regional bodies and possible ways forward to improve the state of the marine environment in the region.

CIT’s New Investigative Powers vs Taxpayers’ Rights, SIATP, 16 Jan (2.5 public CPD points)

Enhanced investigative powers granted to the CIT have altered the balance between CIT’s powers and taxpayers’ rights. Understand what this means for you and your clients.

Tags: Tax

6th Developments in IP Law Series, 10, 18, 29 Jan and 12 Feb, IP Academy (3 public CPD points per session)

The series focuses on developments in Singapore and the UK, and where relevant, developments in the EU, US and Australia.

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