ACRA’s Prescribed Anti-money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) Course, CSIS, 27 May (4 public CPD points)

The course is designed to enable RFAs to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of AML/CFT legislations, regulatory trends and developments in Singapore…

Mediation Training Programme, RICS, 27-31 May (30 public CPD points)

This course will prepare you to mediate the most complex disputes to the highest standards across land, property, construction and infrastructure.

Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration, CIArb, 25 May-2 Jun (57.5 public CPD points)

During an intensive and interactive 9-day program, students will be taught the practice of international commercial arbitration.. and will gain the ability to appear in or act as an arbitrator or counsel in different contexts.

Participant in Dispute Resolution: Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1), SMC, 6-7 May (11.5 CPD points)

This intensive 2-day workshop offers you an opportunity to better understand the nature of conflicts and learn the latest and most effective techniques to end them.

SAL Executive Tech Lunch & Learn Talks Series: Blockchain, ICO and Smart Contracts in a Nutshell and How it Applies to You, SAL, 26 Apr (1.5 public CPD points)

This introduction will explain the concepts and applications of Blockchain as major distributed ledger technology (DLT) and looks behind the shiny curtain of often used buzz words and giving them context.

Tags: TMT

Commodities Trading Law, SMU Law Academy, 24, 31 May, 7 Jun (13 public CPD points)

This foundational course aims to provide commodities trading professionals with an overview of the body of law making up the law of commodities trading, a sound foundation for deeper study of the subject, a deeper appreciation of the commercial and practical issues which a typical commodities trader is confronted with. 

Yong Pung How Professorship of Law Lecture 2019 - The Choice of Court Agreement: Perils of the Midnight Clause, CEBLA, 22 May (1.5 public CPD points)

The lecture will review the implications of the recent seminal choice of law decisions for cross-border transactions, against the backdrop of the common law as well as the SICC and Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements.

CLAS Criminal Law Training Programme 2019 - MODULE 5: The Window between Arrest and Charge, Law Soc, 23 May (1 public CPD point)

The criminal defender will learn to maximise the interests of the client during this window – where exists the best opportunity to avoid being charged.

Basic Written Advocacy Workshops 2019 - Drafting of Affidavits, Law Soc, 22 May (1.5 public CPD points)

This session will offer participants with insights, tips and guides on how to draft affidavits successfully while avoiding potential subsequent difficulties.

CML Short Course: Shipping Judgments Handed Down in 2018: An Overview, NUS, 25 Apr (3 public CPD points)

This seminar is part of an annual update on English Shipping Law where the controversial UKSC decision in Volcafe, two seminal decisions on limitation of liability under the Rules (The Maersk Tangier; The Aqasia) and an important collision appeal (The Alexandra 1 and Ever Smart) will be discussed.

Tags: Shipping

NUS Pracademic Legal Update Seminar Series: Current Trends in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Deal Terms, NUS, 17 May (1 public CPD point)

This seminar will focus on some of the recent trends in deal terms involving M&A transactions, including requirements imposed by acquirers on representations, warranties and indemnities, in particular on privacy, anti-money laundering and environmental issues. 

IPBA 2019 Singapore, Thomson Reuters, 25-27 Apr (15 public CPD points)

Themed “Technology, Business and Law – Global Perspectives”, the conference will examine the legal challenges arising from global regulatory and technological developments.

Criminal Law Advocacy Workshop: How to Take Instructions, SAL, 24 Apr (1.5 public CPD points TBC)

This workshop will help lawyers acquire practical skills and proper etiquette from the very first meeting. There will be 4 parts to the workshop — (1) Theory followed by (2) Demonstration (3) Role-playing and (4) Fireside Chat.

CLAS Criminal Law Training Programme 2019 - MODULE 4: Dealing with Difference, Law Soc, 16 May (1 public CPD point)

The criminal defender will understand the importance of culturally competent lawyering and will discuss considerations in representing clients from different backgrounds..

Business Simulation Workshop for Legal Practitioners (2nd Run), Law Soc, 15 May (3 public CPD points)

Anyone working in a business environment needs to makes business decisions and they should all know how a business works.

Basic Written Advocacy Workshops 2019 - Drafting of Pleadings, Law Soc, 15 May (2 public CPD points)

This session will guide participants on how to structure and prioritise facts necessary in a case, and also offer guidance on being succinct yet useful.

Book-Keeping for Law Practices Course, Law Soc, 14 May (3 public CPD points)

This Course will provide a clear and in-depth understanding of the requirements of the Legal Profession (Solicitors’ Accounts) Rules (“SAR”) and the Legal Profession (Solicitors’ Trust Accounts) Rules. 

Dealing With Data Breach Masterclass (Singapore) A Case-Based Approach For Global Businesses, 10 May, Thomson Reuters (6 public CPD points)

This Masterclass examines practical compliance measures through discussion of an extremely realistic case study, drawn from recent practice.

Financial Statement Fraud, MDD Forensic Accountants, 13 May (1 public CPD point)

This session will review the classifications of financial statement schemes and red flags that might be associated with these schemes through a series of case studies.

CLAS Criminal Law Training Programme 2019 - MODULE 3: Vulnerable Clients, Law Soc, 9 May (1 public CPD point)

The criminal defender will understand key features of the vulnerable person’s development, how they affect the client’s involvement at all stages of the adult criminal justice system..

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