S'pore IP watchdog rules 'Brent' can't be trademarked

S'pore IP watchdog rules 'Brent' can't be trademarked

Singapore's intellectual property watchdog has handed down a ruling in a dispute over trademarks between two major American operators of market exchanges.

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IPOS Case Summary: Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. v Intercontinental Exchange Holdings, Inc. [2018] SGIPOS 20

It was held that the average consumer of the services in Singapore could not fail to be informed immediately by its use of the intended purpose and nature of the particular financial services. 

Warner-Lambert Company LLC (Appellant) v Generics (UK) Ltd t/a Mylan and another (Respondents/ Appellants/ Appellants) [2018] UKSC 56 (on appeal from [2016] EWCA Civ 1006)

This appeal raises the question of how the concepts of sufficiency and infringement are to be applied to a “Swiss-form patent” relating to a specified medical use of a known pharmaceutical compound.

IPOS: United U-LI Projects Pte Ltd v Tan Buck Hai [2018] SGIPOS 19

Trade marks and trade names – Declaration of Invalidity

Note on Realising the tangible value of intangible assets

Innovation can disrupt established markets and players, but it also creates new opportunities.  We have several schemes and initiatives to support enterprises in doing so.

Monster Energy Company v Glamco Co, Ltd [2018] SGHC 238

Trade Marks and Trade Names — Registration criteria

Journals Online: [GBR] Retaining the Catnic/Improver approach in patent law: Why Singapore should not adopt the doctrine of equivalents

Although the SCA has declined to adopt the doctrine, it is prudent for our legislators to consider whether it should be introduced if it furthers Singapore’s aspiration to be a global IP hub in Asia.

IPOS: Daidoh Limited v New Yorker S.H.K. Jeans GmbH & Co. KG [2018] SGIPOS 18

Trade marks and trade names – Opposition to Registration

Journals Online: [INT] Implications of reposting copyright material online and Svensson distinguished in CJEU Judgment: Land Nordrhein-Westfalen v Dirk Renckhoff (Case C-161/17) EU:C:2018:634

The earlier decision of the CJEU in Svensson – which was a case on hyperlinking and although cited fairly extensively in argument – was carefully distinguished on the facts.

Swatch vs Apple: “Tick” and “THINK” are different

The importance of this decision lies in the PAR's application of the first step of the “step-by-step” approach laid down by the SCA in the landmark decision of Staywell Hospitality Group v Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide [2014] 1 SLR 911.

IPOS consults on proposed Geographical Indications Rules

The GI Rules will be issued under the Geographical Indications Act 2014 to govern the operational aspects of a new Registry of Geographical Indications.

IPOS: Singapore Telecommunications Limited v Megaport (Services) Pty Ltd [2018] SGIPOS 17

Trade marks and trade names – Opposition to Registration

The Court of Appeal clarifies the procedure and principles to be applied in patent entitlement proceedings

In Cicada Cube Pte Ltd v National University Hospital (Singapore) Pte Ltd and another appeal [2018] SGCA 52, the SCA held that both parties had joint ownership of the patent.

IPOS: Design Circular No. 3/2018

Effective: 1 Nov 2018

IPOS: Patents Circular No. 9/2018

Effective: 1 Nov 2018

IPOS Case Summary: Monster Energy Company v NBA Properties, Inc [2018] SGIPOS 16

A mere similarity in the subject matter of the competing marks was not sufficient to establish visual similarity to oppose the registration of a trade mark.

Monster Energy Company v NBA Properties, Inc [2018] SGIPOS 16

Trade marks and trade names — Opposition to registration
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