MOM consults on proposed changes to Work Injury Compensation Act

The consultation paper includes proposals to broaden coverage under the WICA and to introduce measures to speed up claims processing. 

New regulations target businesses to tackle electronic, packaging and food waste

The Resource Sustainability Bill will be introduced this year to pass regulations covering the management of the 3 waste streams.

MOF consults on proposed GST and stamp duty treatment of variable capital companies (VCCs) in Singapore

The proposed amendments to the GST Act and SD Act will be incorporated into a Variable Capital Companies (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2019.

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Upcoming amendments to the Employment Act

Some of the key amendments to the EA, which will take effect from 1 April 2019, are summarised below.

Changes to Goods and Services Tax Act to extend GST to overseas services from 1 January 2020 and enhance IRAS investigation powers from 1 January 2019

GST on imported services will be introduced through a Reverse Charge mechanism for B2B imported services, and an OVRregime for B2C imported services.

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Vulnerable Adults Act 2018 allowing intervention to protect vulnerable adults in force from 19 December 2018

This update sets out the scope of the Act and guiding principles underlying the exercise of the power of intervention, key provisions of the Act and the background.

Carbon Pricing Act 2018 imposing carbon tax in force from 1 January 2019

The Act makes consequential and related amendments to the Energy Conservation Act and imposes a carbon tax on certain greenhouse gas emissions of business facilities, measured from 2019 onwards. 

Singapore’s new “omnibus” Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Bill

We discuss the key changes, and examine what the latest amendments mean for creditors, debtors and other stakeholders.

Developments in Restructuring & Insolvency in 2018

In 2018, the legal advancements in Restructuring & Insolvency have been swift and significant. This update looks at some of the noteworthy developments.

SGX Requirements for Listed Companies Conducting an Initial Coin Offering

On 15 Nov 2018, SGX RegCo announced requirements for listed companies planning to conduct an ICO on the Regulator’s Column.

Second Reading of the Serious Crimes and Counter-Terrorism (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill

This update outlines the key amendments that will be made to the CDSA and TSOFA.

Banking Act changes on enhanced safeguards, corporate governance and risk management controls for banks

This article highlights the key changes which came into force on 30 Nov 2018.

New resolution regime for FIs in Singapore

The MAS Act has been amended with effect from 29 Oct  to strengthen and enhance the powers of the MAS to resolve distressed FIs in an orderly manner.

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