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Straits Times / 22 Jan 2020

Duo charged over death of liposuction patient in 2009

Wong and Zhu were ordered to pay $3.26 million in damages to Mr Heng's family in 2016. In Nov 2018, a Court of Three Judges ordered that Wong be struck off the register and Zhu be suspended for 18 months.

Business Times / 21 Jan 2020

Utico urges debt holders to vote scheme in

Middle Eastern utility firm Utico on Monday sought to get medium term note (MTN) holders to vote for its scheme, while cautioning them about Aqua Munda's lack of transparency in its offer to pay upfront for their debt albeit at steeper...
Straits Times / 19 Jan 2020

Man's transfer to Malaysian police in 2015 done lawfully: SPF

On Jan 10, a petition was filed by lawyer M. Ravi on behalf of Mr Mohan, calling on the court to examine the records of his transfer and "to satisfy itself as to the correctness, legality or propriety... and as to the regularity" of his...
Straits Times / 16 Jan 2020

New online service to help engage mediation services

A new online service will make it easier for the public to engage professional mediators to settle disputes. It was set up by the Singapore International Mediation Institute (Simi), an independent standards body for professional mediation, it...
Straits Times / 15 Jan 2020

SDP's Pofma appeal to be heard in chambers

The court appeal by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) against two correction directions issued against it under the fake news law is not open to the public or the media, owing to prevailing rules governing both the law and the courts.

Business Times / 14 Jan 2020

Variable capital company will boost Singapore fund sector

While it is important to promote where appropriate and ensure the successful launch of the VCC, it is equally important for the success of Singapore as a fund management centre for the Singapore limited partnership to be promoted as the vehicle...
Straits Times / 12 Jan 2020

No staff, no chair: How Yong Pung How helped build GIC

Dr Goh Keng Swee (second from left) and then GIC managing director Yong Pung How (far left) meeting then New South Wales Premier Neville Wran (second from right) and his team in 1982. When Dr Goh approached Mr Yong to helm GIC, Mr Yong was...
Business Times / 09 Jan 2020

Alita Resources told to apply for extension over court hearing

Alita went into administration in August 2019. In December, its creditors approved a deed of company arrangement (DOCA) proposed by China Hydrogen Energy and its subsidiary Liatam Mining, which would see Alita's eventual delisting.

Business Times / 09 Jan 2020

Singapore eDevelopment units take legal action against vendor

SeD units iGalen International and iGalen have filed a complaint against Gara Group and its founder Kosta Gara for breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and intentional interference with economic relations.

Straits Times / 08 Jan 2020

MC drops appeal in condo dispute over shoe cabinet in corridor

The withdrawal of the appeal means the decision grounds of the State Court judge, issued last October, will serve as a case law reference guideline on placing items in a common corridor and the extent to which an MC can intervene.

Straits Times / 06 Jan 2020

South China Sea disputes arise again

The objective of this commentary is to explain the significance of these submissions to the ongoing legal disputes in the South China Sea.

Straits Times / 31 Dec 2019

Shooting, rifle clubs come under fire in apex court

Singapore's top court did not mince words when it gave its judgment on Dec 20 in the "latest instalment of a spate of litigation" between the Singapore Shooting Association (SSA) and the Singapore Rifle Association (SRA).

Straits Times / 29 Dec 2019

Pilot scheme to deal with drink drivers raises concern

Under the pilot scheme, a letter informs a first-time offender arrested on a drink-driving charge, without injury or damage to property, of the sentencing framework prosecutors will adopt should the offender plead guilty.

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