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Straits Times / 04 Mar 2021

Religious neutrality and secular policies

Singapore's working model, both in theory and practice, must remain the application of laws and policies that are for the benefit of the people and in the interest of the country.

Straits Times / 04 Mar 2021

Dos and don'ts under the Public Order Act

Laws under the Public Order Act regulate assemblies and processions in public spaces, in order to preserve public order and the safety of people at special events.

Straits Times / 26 Feb 2021

Review of sentencing for hurt and sexual offences completed

It came after public disquiet arose over the sentence meted to a dentistry student who tried to strangle his former girlfriend and put his thumb into her eye after she rejected him; Ministerial statement at a later date. 

Straits Times / 25 Feb 2021

Call to raise retirement age, CPF rates as planned

Labour MP Heng Chee How who is also the NTUC deputy secretary-general and Senior Minister of State for Defence says these and a higher re-employment age can help build retirement adequacy.

Straits Times / 22 Feb 2021

Unmasked marvel in pro bono legal work

Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam was conferred the Pro Bono Ambassador Award 2020 last month by Law Society president Gregory Vijayendran on behalf of the society and the Law Society Pro Bono Services Office.

Straits Times / 19 Feb 2021

NTUC aims to have progressive wages in more sectors

The progressive wage model, first set out by NTUC in 2012, is mandatory in the cleaning, landscaping and security sectors, covering some 80,000 workers. It will become mandatory for the lift and escalator maintenance sector in 2022.

Straits Times / 18 Feb 2021

New GST rule for imported goods won't deter buyers

The tax changes mean overseas suppliers and electronic marketplace operators will have to register for GST if they supply significant amounts of low-value goods to local consumers.

Business Times / 18 Feb 2021

Firms need calibrated support to change structurally: panel

This is crucial as businesses here face various structural challenges and the Re-Align Framework, which gives small enterprises a chance to renegotiate business contracts that they have difficulties fulfilling, will end on Feb 26.

Straits Times / 17 Feb 2021

Former chief priest charged with criminal breach of trust

Kandasamy Senapathi, 37, former chief priest of Sri Mariamman Temple in South Bridge Road, was charged with five counts each of criminal breach of trust and dealing with the benefits of his alleged criminal activities.

Straits Times / 16 Feb 2021

PM seeks aggravated damages in suit against TOC editor

PM Lee's lawyers asked the High Court to award PM Lee the damages, including aggravated damages, legal costs, as well as an injunction restraining Mr Xu from further publishing or disseminating the allegations.

Straits Times / 15 Feb 2021

Women's issues are men's, too

The Government's review of women's issues is a further step in Singapore's journey towards gender equality. It requires not just changes in laws but also for men to free themselves from the trap of outdated social norms.

Business Times / 11 Feb 2021

GameStop mania could be illegal in Singapore

Retail investors need to exercise discretion, participate responsibly in online discussions without infringing the SFA, and not fall prey to dishonest traders.

Straits Times / 07 Feb 2021

Joint accounts: Is that my money or yours?

Typically, the court recognises that in a case involving two joint holders, the one who contributes the most money, if not all of it, is deemed the owner of the funds.

Straits Times / 07 Feb 2021

3 legal tips all property owners should know

It is prudent to know how the law governs real estate ownership, especially in cases involving legacy and property transfers to prevent problems further down the line.

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