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Straits Times / 13 Jan 2021

Welcome assurances on TraceTogether

Clear demarcation of the limited boundaries within which the police can use data obtained by the authorities for other purposes will help to balance the need for public safety and personal privacy.

Business Times / 12 Jan 2021

Digital bonds: It all comes down to trust

For physical bonds, trust is in the 'teller' and the 'tale'. Can digital bonds pass legal scrutiny and earn trust in its existence and subsequent use?

Straits Times / 12 Jan 2021

AGC addressing gaps, raising accountability

AGC will also reinforce efforts to demystify the inner workings of the prosecution, by explaining its charging decisions and educating the public on the criminal justice system through the media.

Straits Times / 09 Jan 2021

Privacy and law enforcement not mutually exclusive :Forum

Creating a complementary but independent personal data protection body that can work with the PDPC to regulate how personal data, including data gathered by the public authorities, may be a step in the right direction.

Straits Times / 04 Jan 2021

Challenges for legal community

Singapore lawyers believe the chance for growth in 2021 is there for those who are brave enough to seize it.

Straits Times / 04 Jan 2021

S'pore lawyers who shine abroad

Dr Cheng Tai-Heng was a fledgling lawyer over two decades ago where arbitration was not developed in the Singapore law firms and he decided to move overseas to learn and grow as a lawyer in his field.

Straits Times / 30 Dec 2020

Enact laws to tackle the problem :Forum

Comprehensive initiatives and legislative measures such as pre-emptive discounts to all products approaching their use-by date can help curb food waste.

Straits Times / 29 Dec 2020

Correct solution to racism is not a legal one :Forum

The author believes that members of a civil society must play their part to be conscious of what they say, and to remind others who may make racist statements that what they are doing is wrong.

Straits Times / 28 Dec 2020

Frameworks that help courts in sentencing

AGC proposes guidelines on appropriate punishments based on relevant factors but it is also the judge who ultimately decides the sentence, as judges are not obliged to accept the AGC's proposed frameworks.

Straits Times / 22 Dec 2020

Wirecard SG said to be looking for buyer

Wirecard SG had been providing payment processing services to about 1,900 companies in Singapore before MAS ordered the firm to stop its payment services operations on Sept 30.

Straits Times / 21 Dec 2020

Behind twists and turns of landmark court case

The case of Ilechukwu Uchechukwu Chukwudi was the first time in Singapore's history where the Court of Appeal reopened a concluded criminal appeal to re-examine the case and rendered an acquittal.

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