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FJC: Reminder to Comply with Practice Directions Paragraph 168

Publisher: Family Justice Courts

Effective: 09 Apr 2019

The Family Justice Courts ('FJC') has been informed by the Private Secretaries of the Judges of the High Court Family Division that they have been receiving queries from lawyers made to their direct telephone lines and/or filtered through the registries.

This is not an acceptable practice as communications with Court should comply with Practice Directions (in particular, Family Justice Courts Practice Directions, paragraph 168). The Private Secretaries of the Judges should not have to deal with calls from lawyers and especially if the matter involves another party/counsel.

Members of the Family Bar should not be contacting the Judges' Private Secretaries on any matters and there should be strict compliance with the Practice Directions. All queries and requests should be made in writing to the Registry of the High Court Family Division, in line with the Court's processes and protocol, and, copied to the other party/counsel.

Going forward, the Private Secretaries will not be responding to calls of this nature and will reply to lawyers to comply with the Practice Directions.



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