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Singapore International Commercial Court Practice Directions Amendment No. 2 of 2018

Publisher: Supreme Court

Effective: 01 Nov 2018




Dear Sir/Mdm,

1          It is hereby notified that amendments have been made to Parts I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XV, XVI, XVIII, XIX, XXII, XXIII, Appendixes B and F of the Singapore International Commercial Court Practice Directions. The amendments are summarised below: 

  1. amendments to paragraph 2, on the interpretation of words and phrases;
  2. amendments to paragraph 5, on the scope of application of the Practice Directions;
  3. the introduction of a new paragraph 8A, on attendance at hearings in Chambers;
  4. amendments to paragraph 9, on Court dress;
  5. amendments to paragraph 12, on authorisation for collection of mail and court documents;
  6. amendments to paragraph 20, on access to case file, inspection, obtaining copies and searches;
  7. amendments to paragraph 26, on circumstances under which representation by Registered Foreign Lawyers and Registered Law Experts is allowed;
  8. amendments to paragraph 27, on registration of foreign lawyers;
  9. the introduction of a new paragraph 27A, on registration of law experts;
  10. amendments to paragraph 28, on notification of counsel on record;
  11. amendments to paragraph 29, on general provisions regarding offshore cases;
  12. the deletion of paragraphs 30 to 35, on pre-action certificates;
  13. amendments to paragraph 36, on provision of deposit;
  14. amendments to paragraph 41, on electronic payment of fees and charges;
  15. amendments to paragraph 44, on documents which must be filed, served, delivered or otherwise conveyed to the Registrar;
  16. amendments to paragraph 47, on registration of foreign law practices as users of the Electronic Filing Service;
  17. amendments to paragraph 48, on access of Full Registration Foreign Lawyers to the Electronic Filing Service;
  18. amendments to paragraph 61, on commencement of proceedings;
  19. amendments to paragraph 62, on challenges to the jurisdiction of the Court;
  20. amendments to paragraph 63, on transfer of proceedings to and from the Court;
  21. amendments to paragraph 70, on personal service of processes and documents;
  22. amendments to paragraph 71, on service out of jurisdiction;
  23. amendments to paragraph 72, on substituted service;
  24. amendments to paragraph 76, on preparation for the first Case Management Conference;
  25. amendments to paragraph 77, on conduct of Case Management Conferences;
  26. amendments to paragraph 97, on confidentiality;
  27. amendments to paragraph 102, on adjournment or vacation of hearings other than trials;
  28. amendments to paragraph 110, on foreign law;
  29. amendments to paragraph 117, on trial in public;
  30. amendments to paragraph 132, on citation of judgments;
  31. amendments to paragraph 143, on quantum and mode of security to be provided under Order 57, Rule 3(3) of the Rules of Court;
  32. amendments to paragraph 145, on filing of records of appeal, core bundles and written Cases for civil appeals under Order 57, Rules 9 and 9A of the Rules of Court;
  33. amendments to paragraph 147, on when hard copies and soft copies for hearing of civil appeals before the Court of Appeal are required;
  34. the introduction of a new paragraph 148B, on bundle of documents filed with leave of the Court of Appeal;
  35. amendments to paragraph 149, on further skeletal arguments for appeals before the Court of Appeal;
  36. amendments to paragraph 152, on general provisions regarding costs;
  37. the deletion of Appendix B Forms 1, 5 and 9, on specimen authorisation card for collection of mail and court documents, joint request for pre-action certificate, and change of authorised service clerks;
  38. amendments to Appendix B Forms 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 and 21, on request for inspection, obtaining copies and certified true copies, offshore case declaration, request to use teleconference, video conference and audio-visual facilities/mobile infocomm technology facilities, declaration(s) by plaintiff in the commencement of proceedings, proposed case management plan and form of supplemental core bundle; and
  39. the introduction of a new Appendix F, on optional protocol on the memorialisation of proceedings in the SICC, optional protocol on the exchange of affidavits of evidence-in-chief before production of documents (where Order 110, Rule 14 applies) and optional protocol on the exchange of affidavits of evidence-in-chief before discovery and inspection of documents (where Order 24 applies).

2       The amendments will take effect on 1 November 2018.

3       A summary of these amendments may be found in the annexed document.


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