SGX assures it will act in clear cases of minority oppression

SGX assures it will act in clear cases of minority oppression

Call for exchange to help mediate disputes between companies and shareholders.

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Resolving Disputes in Infrastructure PPP Projects with Minimal Cost & Delay, SIMC, 15 Oct

This seminar explores the available mechanisms under the ADB's Infrastructure Referee Programme, where parties in a PPP infrastructure project may obtain funding support and technical assistance for dispute prevention and resolution.

Singapore High Court holds imposition of attorney-eyes-only order did not amount to breach of natural justice warranting setting aside of arbitral award

In China Machine New Energy Corporation v Jaguar Energy Guatemala LLC, the SHC declined to set aside an arbitral award, finding that an attorney-eyes-only (“AEO”) order did not amount to a breach of natural justice.

Interim Measures in International Arbitration: The Concept of “Urgency”, NUS, 01 Oct (1 public CPD point)

What is the difference between “urgency” as a threshold matter for emergency relief and “urgency” as a requirement for interim measures?

The CIArb (Singapore Branch) Competition 2018, CIArb Singapore (submissions close on 2 Nov)

Question: What procedural directions should a tribunal make when parties from civil and common law jurisdictions contend for the adoption of either the IBA Rules or the Prague Rules?

Herbert Smith Freehills - SMU Asian Abitration Lecture, SMU, 18 Oct (1.5 public CPD points)

Investor-State arbitration (ISA) has been one of the most remarkable features of international law and justice for 30 years. The lecture looks at ISA’s future in view of recent developments.

RICS Evaluative Mediation Training Programme, RICS, 08-09 Oct (12 public CPD points)

Successful completion will entitle you to the designation of RICS Accredited Evaluative Mediator.

The “new” 2017 ICC Rules of Arbitration - A Year On, SIArb, 25 Sep (1 public CPD point)

How has the take-up been for the “new” expedited procedure? What are some practical pointers or challenges faced in implementation? What key changes were made in ICC Rules 2017?

Seminar on Time Limits in Challenging the Arbitral Tribunal’s Jurisdiction, Law Soc, 17 Oct (1.5 public CPD points)

Chan Leng Sun, SC & Prof Lawrence Boo will share their views on the recent SHC decision of Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd v Avant Garde Maritime Services (Private) Limited and explore the positions taken by other Model Law jurisdictions.

Recent Developments on the Enforceability of Mediated Settlement Agreements, SMU, 12 Oct (2 public CPD points)

This seminar will review the key aspects of the developments since the Mediation Act 2017 came into operation.

Singapore and Hong Kong Courts apply choice of remedies principle in international arbitration

This update summarises the key aspects and implications of the “choice of remedies” principle in the decisions of Astro Nusantara International and Rakna Arakshaka Lanka.

Singapore Mediation Lecture: On tiptoes through the minefield: Cultural dimensions of mediation, SMU, 31 Oct (1 public CPD point)

The Singapore Mediation Lecture series aims to enhance the understanding and use of mediation in resolving cross-border commercial disputes.

A co and others v D and another [2018] SGHCR 9

Arbitration – Stay in favour of arbitration

Arbitration – Stay in favour of arbitration

Quantifying Damages – A Framework for Analysis, SIArb, 03 Oct (1.5 public CPD points)

Often lawyers focus on the liability of a case first. However, the amount of potential losses often drives the strategy for pursuing liability. As actual quantum is often significantly different from that claimed, it is important to get this right.

Participate in Dispute Resolution: Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1), SMC, 03-04 Oct (11.5 public CPD points)

This intensive 2-day workshop offers you an opportunity to better understand the nature of conflicts and learn the latest and most effective techniques to end them.

The “Singapore Convention”: The way forward in international mediation?

The “Singapore Convention”: The way forward in international mediation?

Settlements reached through mediation could be enforceable internationally should the Singapore Convention come into force. In this alert we analyse its key aspects of the draft and its current status.

Small Law Firm Series: Preparation for Tribunal Hearings and Appeals, SAL, 24 Sep (1.5 public CPD points)

A brief overview of proceedings in the various tribunals and proceedings under POHA will be covered. Commonly encountered issues and recent developments since the last talk on Tribunals given in 2016 will be highlighted.

Small Claims Tribunals (Amendment) Bill passed in Parliament: Expanding jurisdiction of the tribunals

The Bill was introduced in Parliament on 17 May 2018. This article provides a summary of the key changes.

Interpreting contracts under Singapore law in international arbitration — The sequel

Does the Court apply national rules of evidence, or does the Court apply the same rules of evidence, if any, that the tribunal was obliged to apply? This thorny question reared its head recently in BQP v BQQ [2018] SGHC 55.
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