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Straits Times / 02 Apr 2020

New Bill aims to help commercial tenants unable to pay rent

Restaurants and other commercial tenants that are unable to pay rent owing to the financial impact of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus infections can hold off such contractual obligations for at least six months under a proposed law.

Straits Times / 29 Mar 2020

People, not the law, cause disputes

After years of battling cases in court, Mr Low concludes that many disputes can be avoided if parties think rationally and plan early.

Business Times / 27 Mar 2020

honestbee loses court protection from creditors

With the scheme meeting application dismissed, honestbee is no longer under court protection from its creditors. This effectively opens the door to creditors to apply for a winding up order on the company.

Straits Times / 26 Mar 2020

Law amended to protect jobs of seafarers abducted at sea

Seafarers who are abducted by pirates or armed robbers in an attack at sea will stay employed and be paid their salaries while being held captive, said Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min yesterday.

Straits Times / 26 Mar 2020

Good bots, bad bots and the humans in between

With Covid-19 reducing person-to-person interaction, and elections looming, how online information is managed is a pressing issue. With AI deployed, what are the roles of human moderators and legislation?

Straits Times / 24 Mar 2020

DPM Heng to announce supplementary budget on Thursday

Experts expect this package to be a hefty one, with some saying that it could be more than double the initial $6.4 billion set aside last month to cushion the economic blow from the coronavirus outbreak.

Business Times / 14 Mar 2020

Rise of the machines

We still have trust issues with AI. How should we regulate it?

Business Times / 12 Mar 2020

Economics and taxation in the digital economy

As businesses transact without being physically present, countries have found it difficult to tax the income earned by foreign corporations in their territories.

Straits Times / 11 Mar 2020

Let's focus on addressing violence against women: Forum

Yes, false allegations of violence have a damaging impact on the person wrongfully accused. However, 2018 data from Parliament shows that only 6 per cent of applications for PPOs were dismissed after a Family Justice Court hearing.

Business Times / 10 Mar 2020

Cyber insurance - de rigueur but poorly understood

A cyberattack will give rise to a wide range of risks, which insurers categorise broadly into two types of exposures: first-party and third-party exposures. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial to adequately protecting a...

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Straits Times / 03 Mar 2020

Law now protects religious groups and LGBT community

The recently amended religious harmony law protects religious groups as well as non-religious ones, such as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, said Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam yesterday.

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