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Singapore Law Watch / 17 Apr 2019

ADV: Free 45-minute webinar

Find out how automating document creation has improved efficiency at the Middle East’s largest law firm. April 23, 14:30 (SGT).

Singapore Law Watch / 16 Apr 2019

ADV: Programme Lead, Legal Technology

Delivery of Legal Technology Vision (LTV) Programme, and manage the lifecycle of existing and LTV initiated Legal Tech Services.

Business Times / 16 Apr 2019

Hyflux sues SM Investments; appoints Nicky Tan as adviser

Hyflux has fired the first legal salvo in its dispute with its former suitor SM Investments (SMI) as it filed a lawsuit on Monday in the SHC for the alleged repudiation of the rescue deal and is claiming the S$38.9m deposit.

Straits Times / 12 Apr 2019

The toxic environment that breeds defensive medicine

Defensive medicine raises costs and corrodes the central doctor-patient relationship. Studies show doctors resort to this when the operating environment gets uncertain and excessively punitive.

Straits Times / 11 Apr 2019

GP clinic suspended from Chas for non-compliant claims

Joash Family Clinic and Surgery has made numerous non-compliant Chas claims, such as claims for patient visits with no relevant supporting documentation, according to audits conducted by the ministry.

Straits Times / 05 Apr 2019

Papua New Guinea state fails to wrest control of US$1.4b stake

The government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) has lost its protracted battle in the Singapore High Court to wrest control of an entity with assets worth about US$1.4 billion (S$1.8 billion) that were spawned from a deal inked with the "largest...
Straits Times / 10 Apr 2019

AHTC lawsuit should be capped at $620k, say defendants' lawyers

SC Chelva Rajah argued that $620,000 is because auditing firm KPMG, which looked through the town council's books, could detect only $1.5 million of improper payments. It concluded that only $624,621 was recoverable, while the rest was...
Business Times / 09 Apr 2019

Singapore, Malaysia suspend overlapping port limits

Malaysia and Singapore mutually suspended the implementation of their overlapping port limits on Monday, going back to the port limits in place prior to Oct 25, 2018 and Dec 6, 2018 respectively.

Business Times / 09 Apr 2019

Maritime award clinched by woman lawyer for the first time

Gina Lee-Wan, partner and co-head of the Maritime and Aviation Practice at Allen & Gledhill, was this year listed among the inaugural batch of select practitioners recognised as senior accredited specialists in Maritime and Shipping Law by...
Straits Times / 07 Apr 2019

The debate over doxxing

Online vigilantes' practice of publishing personal info of individuals online set to be outlawed, but observers see challenges ahead.

TODAY / 05 Apr 2019

Give judges more leeway under fake news laws

To say that ministers will permit the courts to be the ultimate arbiters of truth in the long term may satisfy the historian, but it is of no comfort to citizens concerned about the here and now: Cherian George

Business Times / 04 Apr 2019

How far do directors' duties extend?

SGX RegCo's moves will no doubt prompt many to question just how far a director's duty extends. Is one liable to go down with the sinking ship, or to abandon the craft when one has bailed out enough water?

Straits Times / 02 Apr 2019

Parliament: Jail, fine to curb fake news

* Those who spread falsehoods with malicious intent face penalty * Ministers to get power to order content correction or removal * Opinions, criticisms, satire or parody not included in the Bill

Straits Times / 02 Apr 2019

More court protection for victims of online falsehoods

Individuals and companies which cannot get their harassers to take down false statements about them online can turn to the courts for corrections to be posted, under a proposed law introduced in Parliament yesterday.

Straits Times / 02 Apr 2019

Apex court: Papers properly served on Li Shengwu in US

The apex court held that service of the papers on Mr Li complied with a provision in the Rules of Court that permits papers to be served out of Singapore in cases where a claim is made under any written law.

Business Times / 29 Mar 2019

Lawyers and technology - Use 'IT' or lose it

The need for lawyers to embrace technology is an existential question for the legal sector, amid the proliferation of credible and cheaper alternative service providers.

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