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Business Times / 13 Dec 2019

MAS revokes CT Bright Investment's licence

CTBI did not start fund management activities within six months of the issuing of its licence and did not seek an extension to start the business as required by the MAS.

Straits Times / 12 Dec 2019

Why doctors need to step up to sit in judgment on peers

Doctors being disciplined will soon answer to a tribunal headed by a legally trained judge. But for the process to work well, more doctors also need to be trained and to step up to sit in judgment on peers.

Straits Times / 05 Dec 2019

Misleading advertisements can be removed: Forum

If an advertisement is found to be in breach of Singapore Code of Advertising Practice, Asas will inform the media owner, agency and advertiser to amend or remove it.

Straits Times / 03 Dec 2019

24 drugs added to Misuse of Drugs Act

Anyone found guilty of trafficking Class A controlled drugs will be jailed for at least five years and given five strokes of the cane.

Straits Times / 28 Nov 2019

TOC trial: Judge rejects defence lawyer's application

Defence lawyer M. Ravi's application for the High Court to determine if the Singapore Cabinet has the same protection as an individual under the Constitution was thrown out yesterday by a district judge.

Straits Times / 25 Nov 2019

Jail inappropriate for first-time remote gambling offence: Court

A man who bet $50,000 on an illegal gambling website had his prison sentence replaced with a fine, with the High Court ruling that this should be the starting point for first-time remote gambling offences unless Parliament decides differently.

Straits Times / 24 Nov 2019

WP MPs don't agree they are liable for AHTC's losses

The notices suggest that they are launching an appeal that covers substantial parts of the decision by High Court Judge Kannan Ramesh. A date for the Court of Appeal hearing has not been announced.

Singapore Law Watch / 27 Nov 2019

ADV: Careers at SAL for legal minds

Itching to contribute to the legal sector beyond practising in it ? Join us for a fulfilling and cutting-edge career at SAL. Applications open.

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