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Straits Times / 15 Nov 2018

Man gets 26 years' jail and 24 strokes for raping daughter

Calling it a "very sad" case, a High Court judge said the 35-year-old technician had betrayed the trust of his daughter, effectively driven her out of their home and displayed no remorse at all by making her go through a trial.

Straits Times / 08 Nov 2018

Briton's jail term doubled for assault in MRT station

The High Court has doubled the sentence imposed on a Briton for breaking a man's nose during an altercation in an MRT station, a ruling underscoring the seriousness of public order offences in crowded places.

Straits Times / 31 Oct 2018

FMSS controlled payments, says lawyer for AHTC

As the deputy general manager of AHTC, Mr Yeo Soon Fei was one of three key officers authorising payments to the council's managing agent, while also being a shareholder of AHTC's managing agent FMSS.

Straits Times / 29 Oct 2018

Too many variables to legalise euthanasia: Forum

There is only one way to avoid abuse and the grey areas of euthanasia - that is to outlaw it completely as it creates inconsistencies both within the law and within the moral framework of our society.

Straits Times / 28 Oct 2018

WP MPs raise $1m, end appeal for funds

The Workers' Party (WP) town councillors involved in multimillion-dollar lawsuits over alleged improper payments ended their fund-raising effort yesterday, after collecting more than $1 million.

Straits Times / 25 Oct 2018

WP trio appeal to public for funds to fight cases

The Workers' Party (WP) town councillors embroiled in a multi-million-dollar civil suit over alleged improper payments have raised at least $65,000 to pay their legal fees, after launching a crowdsourcing appeal yesterday evening.

Business Times / 25 Oct 2018

Beyond R&D: Capturing and commercialising IP

While the push for R&D is vital to drive innovation in the economy, equally important is the need to capture the intellectual property (IP) arising from R&D.

Straits Times / 25 Oct 2018

Penal Code review: Who wants what

The Penal Code Review Committee submitted its report and recommendations to Mr K. Shanmugam, Minister for Law and Home Affairs, on Aug 31.

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