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Straits Times / 16 Feb 2020

Online site barred from receiving financial benefit

Among the erroneous claims the page was issued correction directions for were that Singapore has not been able to trace the source infections in any of the Covid-19 cases and that Singapore had run out of surgical masks.

Straits Times / 15 Feb 2020

Scammers posing as lawyers to cheat public

The Law Society also warned members of the public to be alert to these scams and to verify e-mails purportedly from a lawyer by contacting the lawyer, but not through the e-mails in question.

Straits Times / 13 Feb 2020

Why video testimony from abroad is allowed: Apex court

The High Court in 2018 had refused to let Mr Tejinder testify from Australia via video link, but in recognising the novel question of law posed by the video-link application, allowed leave for Mr Anil to appeal against the matter.

Straits Times / 13 Feb 2020

Taking a strong stand against doxxing

Thankfully, it is now illegal to publish identity information about someone, with the intention to harm that person. This has come about because of an amendment to the Protection from Harassment Act.

Straits Times / 12 Feb 2020

Jail, fine for couple who exploited nightclub workers

In the first conviction of a labour-trafficking case in Singapore under the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act, the couple were each found guilty in Nov last year of three counts of abusing their power to exploit their victims.

Business Times / 11 Feb 2020

Seeing around the corner

The Future Economy Council's modern services subcommittee focuses on technology's role in a sector that relies on human expertise.

Business Times / 10 Feb 2020

An open response to SGX's open consultation

I plan to submit a response to the Singapore Exchange Regulation's consultation paper on its proposed enhancements to the regulatory regime for property valuation and auditors. Please let me know what you think.

Straits Times / 08 Feb 2020

Stepdad jailed 24 years for sex abuse

The abuse stopped in 2014 only after the man was arrested and jailed for drug offences. In Jan 2018, the victim suffered an anxiety attack and was seen by doctors at CGH where she disclosed the sexual abuse.

Straits Times / 07 Feb 2020

Rules require disclosure of trade-sensitive news

While listed companies understand the requirement for reporting materially price-sensitive information, it is "less well known" that they also need to disclose trade-sensitive news via SGXNet: Tan Boon Gin

Straits Times / 06 Feb 2020

Court quashes suspension of surgeon over medical records

Dr Edward Foo Chee Boon pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to keep clear and accurate medical records before a DT in 2018. It was one of three charges that the Singapore Medical Council brought against him.

Straits Times / 06 Feb 2020

Singapore's AI ethics model needs more bite

Singapore's artificial intelligence (AI) ethics framework is a great start but needs more diverse voices to raise transparency, enhance disclosures on what exactly goes into AI algorithms and start discussions on pricing of personal data.

Straits Times / 05 Feb 2020

Errant PMD users to face tougher penalties

Senior Minister of State for Transport Janil Puthucheary said that the new regulations will increase awareness of rules, tackle distracted riding among users, and ensure that only compliant devices are used on public paths.

Straits Times / 04 Feb 2020

Company extends deadline for Hyflux's creditors

Aqua Munda said WongPartnership's resignation as Hyflux's counsel and the resulting adjournment of the company's hearing on Jan 29 have "raised significant additional concerns around (Hyflux's) situation".

Straits Times / 03 Feb 2020

Law does not prohibit activities under nature reserve, says NParks

Site investigation works, which involve drilling boreholes, being carried out in 2017 at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve for the Cross Island MRT line. Underground activities, at whatever depth, will be bound by regulations laid out in the...
Straits Times / 30 Jan 2020

Two death-row inmates seek court order to stay executions

Malaysian rights group Lawyers for Liberty, which made allegations about executions at Changi Prison, was given a correction order under the Pofma that required it to post the facts next to the falsehoods in its Jan 22 statement on its website.
Straits Times / 23 Jan 2020

Acquittal reversed for nursing home molester

The case rested on the testimony of a nurse who said that she saw the man straddling the 55-year-old patient with his trousers pulled down. The patient was found to be mentally unfit to testify.

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