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Straits Times / 30 Nov 2022

Hard work begins even as S377A is repealed

The repeal of S377A is not a panacea. Deeper healing, tough conversations, and a better understanding of one another’s positions is still needed.

Straits Times / 24 Nov 2022

Firms win plaudits for work in negligence

Lee Shergill achieved a five-star rating in the Negligence (Professional/Accidents/Personal Injuries) category of The Straits Times Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2023 rankings, coming in second among the top 20 firms.

Business Times / 23 Nov 2022

FTX: Lessons for governance of crypto startups - Opinion

Venture capitalists appear to have an excessively deferential attitude towards the so-called "rock star" founders of crypto firms, regardless of their credentials as business leaders. FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried is a case in point.

Straits Times / 16 Nov 2022

A fairer deal for parents and children: ST Editorial

Proposed changes to the law on the maintenance of parents aim to strike a balance between safeguarding vulnerable seniors and protecting children from the misuse of the law. The changes would help to preserve the spirit of the law but refine its...
Straits Times / 14 Nov 2022

Critical step against online harm: Opinion

The legislation to amend the Broadcasting Act to make social media platforms liable if they fail to protect local users will empower the Infocomm Media Development Authority to issue orders to social media platforms to take down egregious...
Straits Times / 08 Nov 2022

Debate on GST hike: A difficult but necessary decision

On one side of the House, MPs argue that recurring revenue is required to fund increasing healthcare and social expenditure needs. On the other, opposition politicians argue there are other ways to raise revenue.

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