Supreme Court Case Summary: Ho Soo Fong v Revitech Pte Ltd [2018] SGCA 82

CA gives its reasons for dismissing an application for extension of time to appeal on the basis that the putative appeal would have no prospect of success.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Swissbourgh Diamond Mines (Pty) Ltd and others v Kingdom of Lesotho [2018] SGCA 81

CA rules that Permanent Court of Arbitration tribunal had no jurisdiction to hear their investment treaty claim against Lesotho.

Supreme Court Case Summary: Yap Boon Fong Yvonne (Ye Wenfeng Yvonne) v Wong Kok Mun Alvin and another and another appeal [2018] SGCA 80

CA clarifies that Sg law does not recognise claims in general damages for pre-trial losses of earning capacity, only claims in special damages for pre-trial losses of earnings.

Tags: Tort

Ho Soo Fong v Revitech Pte Ltd [2018] SGCA 82

Civil Procedure — Extension of time
Tags: Tort
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